Beauty snacking: fun in beauty is trendy

Beauty snacking: fun in beauty is trendy

I was inspired to write this column at a time when I was looking for a space to disconnect and decided to give myself five minutes to enjoy a bubble mask. The Beauty Snacking trend was consolidated during the first quarantines we had due to the coronavirus. Consumers lived endless days, which together with working days at home made them feel anxious, exhausted, sometimes depressed and also fearful of the situation.

In fact, there are portals like Prestige that indicate that 3:00 in the afternoon is a critical time because people tend to feel sadder. This has led people to seek a space for disconnection in which cosmetics play a fundamental role, providing relaxation, pleasure and a well-deserved rest.

Next, we are going to see some of the most interesting examples of this trend, so I invite you to disconnect for 10 minutes from your daily work and apply your favourite mask while you are reading this column!

Momentos de beleza e diversão

Beauty shot is the new black

The beauty snacking trend does not refer to eating snacks that give you beauty, it is about mix the day with micro-rituals of beauty. The new cosmetic shots help us avoid monotony, they provide us with a moment of rest, pleasure, well-being, energy, self-care and relaxation; they take us away from stress momentarily while helping the skin feel and look better.

Thanks to beauty snacking you can remind that you care and that you have a pleasant way of taking care of yourself.

Lip care

We are seeing delicious masks that have sugar as exfoliant and are enriched with natural oils. They are perfect for treating chapped and dry lips.

Sheeet mask

This type of mask is constantly growing in different formats, textures and concepts. Cosmetic industries are taking inspiration from very fun and original themes, such as animal figures, cartoon and comic characters, concepts that come from dermatological treatments, new textures such as dry sheets.


Excessive sanitization and cleaning has made hand care now a priority for all of us. We are seeing a boom in hand products on the market, such as creams, balms, oils and masks with natural, exotic and ultra-hydrating ingredients that help treat skin problems caused by excessive cleansing, reduce irritation and provide high softness, smoothness and hydration.

We are also seeing very interesting perfume applications with fragrances that have been specially designed for the hands. We also find moisturizing products for hands that are also sanitizing and help control viruses and bacteria without affecting the skin’s natural microbiome and virome.

Eye patch

New formats in masks, creams and patches that provide excellent care for this delicate area. The fact that we spend most of the day in front of the screen exposes us to the effects of blue light on the skin and that is why we see very interesting innovations, new formats and textures for the care of the eye area in this new post-pandemic era.

Brumas, sprays & misting

They are ideal because they can be applied at any time and provide immediate benefits that are highly valued by the consumer.

Aroma snacking


Thanks to the pandemic, we are experiencing a boom in new applications and discoveries that promote well-being thanks to aromatherapy. In the market we find diffusers with concepts that allow choosing the ideal product to be used according to the need or the time of day.

These aromatic escapes take us to unexpected places and quickly disconnect us from reality. It is the new era of fragrance snacking.


The masks are atomizing in a diversity of textures, concepts, claims, benefits, shapes, sizes and colors that we had not previously imagined. Multimasking is also decanting at the body level and therefore we are seeing specialization in areas. An example is underarm and foot masks.

Nail care

This is another area of ​​opportunity in this trend. We see new fingernail and toenail care products that can be applied quickly and with immediate benefits. The consumer has learned to do manicures and pedicures at home and this is a very nice way of caring for oneself.

Skin-boosting snacks

This concept is very interesting and is currently trending from Asia. We see very original formats such as gelatin desserts, sugar-free candies and collagen bars, all with cosmetic benefits.

The portal Jingdaily indicates that this market can reach US$ 3.7 billion in 2022. This trend is about mixing masks and products such as snacks, ice cream and jellies. The new cosmetics are delicious!

Hair and scalp massage

Massagem capilar

This is also a different way to innovate in the category. We are looking at oils, balms and essences that allow us to hydrate and nourish the hair while we can provide a relaxing massage for the scalp.

It is a technologically adequate way to maximize asset penetration and efficacy results.

Dry Shampoo

We see new benefits that can help you have the perfect look before a meeting in teams or zoom. The benefits of styling in dry shampoos are presented as a great opportunity for innovation. Zoom friendly is a claim that is beginning to gain popularity in the category.

Facial tools

We are seeing a boom in new materials and formats that help apply facial treatment and complement massage routines.

Mental wellbeing

There are several posts on the web that indicate how beauty snacking routines can promote mental well-being. Beauty comes to the rescue by improving our mood through personal care! The claims and concepts related to mindfulness are in great trend this year.

Do it yourself

Máscara caseiraHomemade treatments and masks have gained great popularity thanks to the lockdowns.

Consumers are increasingly valuing local ingredients and this represents a great development opportunity for national industries in each country.

On YouTube we see a rise of influencers explaining how to make DIY home treatments with accessible and easy to get materials.

Box subscriptions

Homemade treatments and masks have gained great popularity thanks to the lockdowns. Consumers are increasingly valuing local ingredients and this represents a great development opportunity for national industries in each country. 

New beauty habits

Habits are definitely changing and consumers are adopting beauty snacking as a great tool that provides well-being. Finding those hidden insights in the consumer to understand these new habits is a great opportunity to develop original concepts for the market. 

Beauty snacking is a great opportunity for innovation for cosmetic companies because we are seeing that the return to offices, companies and places of study is not changing the new habits acquired by consumers during confinement. WGSN predicts that we are in the new era of micro moments of beauty. Bye bye monotony, welcome beauty snacking!

Let’s start the discussion, at in-cosmetics connect we want to hear your comments!

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