Global cosmetic trends and predictions for 2022

Global cosmetic trends and predictions for 2022

We are starting 2022 with good news! Projections indicate that the new variants of coronavirus that are emerging are less aggressive, vaccination is progressing very well in most countries, and everything seems to indicate that we are getting closer to the end of the pandemic, which may become endemic very soon. Therefore, taking care of our physical and mental well-being remains essential. We are facing a reality that implies new opportunities for our industry and new trends that will be on the rise in 2022.

Next, we will see some of the most interesting ones, including comments from some experts whose point of view I consulted.

Aromas and wellness

Meyer Rosen, em Bonita Springs (Flórida): I am Editor-in-Chief of Harry’s Cosmetology, 9th Ed; cited by the SCC as one of the three classic texts of cosmetic science. I am frequently asked who is Harry? Harry is the last name of the genius who edited the first, second, and third editions of Harry’s Cosmetology. His story opens with the trend of cosmetics in World War 1. You see, the British soldiers were desperate to know what the German soldiers did that had them be able to tolerate their own smell and that of others.

Also, curiously, they had more energy than the soldiers on the other side. Harry discloses that one of the first things the British soldiers did when they stepped out of the trenches was to grab the cosmetics the other side had. They found liquids that were essential oils that sharpened the mind and made them smell good. It wasn’t long before the technology spread to the western formulators.

Meyer’s comment is very interesting because, given the advance of the pandemic due to the omicron strain (and those that we will see in the coming months, such as IHU), we will see a boom in the development of aromachology, with new ingredients and new studies. That demonstrate the benefits and contributions of aromas in the well-being of human beings.

Veri Peri (Pantone 17-3938)

It is a completely new color created by the Pantone Color Institute which was born consecrated as the color of the year 2022. It is a violet tone that combines the tranquility of blue with an energetic infusion of red. It is the first time that this institute has manufactured a color and that is why it expresses the fusion of the physical and digital world, closely aligned with the great trends that the metaverse is creating in cosmetics.

Beer beauty

Cerveja da beleza

This trend has two nuances. In the first place, we are seeing in the market a boom in active ingredients and formulation excipients obtained from beer production residues and, on the other hand, we will see a boom in beers and other beverages with cosmetic and health benefits.

In January, Corona introduced the first non-alcoholic beer enriched with vitamin D. The company indicates that each 330 mL bottle contains 30% of the recommended daily amount. Scientific studies have shown that people who have low levels of this vitamin are more susceptible to more intense effects produced by the coronavirus.


This is one of the great trends for 2022 and in this regard Rozenn Barrois from Sederma in Paris, comments – “Holobiont” is a term that describes a supraorganism composed of the association of a host and its microbiome. This concept emerged from the research on the influence of microbial communities on their host. Biology is indeed undergoing a paradigm shift, where individual phenotypes are seen as a result of complex interactions resulting from the combined expression of the host and associated microbial genomes.

Indeed, the progress in omics technologies for DNA analysis and the work of an international team of researchers made it possible to discover in 2003 all the estimated 20,000 to 25,000 human genes and to determine the complete sequence of the 3 billion DNA bases in the human genome.

The next step was to identify and characterize the human microbiome genome. The Human Microbiome Project, supported by the National Institutes of Health, started in 2007. In their first publication in 2019, the team announces the identification of about 24 million bacterial in the mouth microbiome and 22 million in the gut microbiome. The team estimated that the total number of genes in the collective human microbiome, composed of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses, could be around 232 million. So actually, we humans are mostly microbes!


The term hologenome was introduced more recently in 2007 to describe the sum of the host genome and associated microbial genomes, in other words, the collective genomes of a holobiont.

To understand the interactions between the human body and its microbiome, it is necessary to consider the ubiquitous nature of host-associated microbes and their central role in host biology, ecology, and health. Therefore, considering the skin, it is no longer a three-layered system. The microbiome is the fourth layer of the skin, and it significantly impacts the homeostasis and health of other layers. This year we will start to see technology and product launches with claims related to the holobiont and the hologenome.


Tendências da indústria cosmética

Just like energy, the internet cannot be created or destroyed, it only transforms. The metaverse is a virtual world that will provide immersive experiences in digital worlds through multisensory equipment.

Cosmetic companies are already innovating in this “Beautyverse” and therefore, it is one of the big trends for this year. So, there is more news to come in the next few months.

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Stress care is the new beauty care

Stress and its effects are the new goal of cosmetics, including products for skin, hair, makeup and nutricosmetics. In this regard, the Portal Byrdie comments: although chronic stress has been present in humanity for thousands of years, only in recent decades have we come to understand its foundations. We now know that chronic stress affects every organ in the body and accelerates cellular aging, dehydration, and skin aging. Indulgence is the new black.

Cleansing evolution

This is one of the cosmetic categories that will surprise us this year with various innovations and launches. In the first place, we will see materials, formulations, and mechanisms for cleaning and sanitizing that are more eco-friendly and gentle on the skin. We will also see advances in benefits related to microbiome, virome and holobiont.

Given that the pandemic and the discovery of new strains of coronavirus will continue this year, cosmetics have become an ally to prevent and treat some factors related to the pandemic.

Beauty snacking

This is one of the trends that has been consolidated thanks to quarantines and confinements since the objective is to have moments of disconnection and break with the boredom of the lifestyle that works in our homes implies. This trend is driving home beauty micro-treatments, in which we can take a moment throughout the day to relax and enjoy ourselves.

Therefore, we are seeing launches, new formats, new proposals, and diversity of products such as patches, masks, lip scrubs, mists, sprays, facial tools, hair perfumes… these beauty snacks will be a trendsetter for 2022.

Magical realism

Now we are going to travel from Macondo to the digital sentients of 2022. Magical realism is a literary movement that originated in Latin America in the 1930s, one of its greatest exponents being the novel One Hundred Years of Solitude, by Colombian Nobel Prize Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Magical realism is a type of narrative in which the strange and peculiar is presented as something every day. In other words, it is a narration based on the observation of reality, where there is room for singularities, peculiarities, and strangeness within normality. This year we will see very interesting beauty concepts that seem to be inspired by magical realism.

In December 2021, it was announced in Japan, the launch of a television prototype that mimics the flavours of the food when you lick it, known as TTTV (taste the TV), which has been created by Yoshiaki Miyashita. This is a great example of disruptive innovation, as we will now be able to enjoy dishes from all over the world from our sofas. Without a doubt, the cosmetics industry will be inspired by magical realism for new multisensory concepts.

Ice cubes

Ice globes are facial care devices that use extreme cold to reduce inflammation and acne. These spheres must be kept a few minutes beforehand in the freezer in order to be used. Some interesting examples that we see on the market are the Fraîcheur and MonétBeauty brands.

Paper cosmetic packaging

This year, we will see new launches of containers made with paper with new reinforcement materials that achieve waterproofing inside, thus preventing the material from getting soaked with the products.

Pre-teen and tween skincare

Beleza para jovens

The market is showing us that more parents are helping their children adopt good skincare and prevention habits.

Therefore, this year we will see a boom in skincare products that can be started from an early age and that promote skin health. Routines also include cleansers, moisturizers and masks.

Skin rehabilitation

In the previous two years, we have witnessed the effects of the pandemic on the skin, such as irritation, maskne and the incidence of blue light due to the excessive use of computers, screens, and mobile phones in the loss of radiance and increase in dark spots. In 2022, we will see new biochemical mechanisms to treat these skin conditions.

The global trends and predictions for this year are interesting and show us great opportunities where the cosmetics industry can innovate and surprise the consumer. The pandemic will not last forever, however, there are trends and customs adopted by the consumer that are here to stay.

Welcome to the discussion! At in-cosmetics Connect we want to hear your comments!

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