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in-cosmetics is so much more than face-to-face events. Education is top of the agenda, from technical seminars on preservatives to anti-ageing ingredients. With in-cosmetics online programme you can stay up-to-date by listening live and on-demand to all things personal care 365 days a year.

Listen to qualified experts from leading personal care and research brands discussing what’s new in terms of ingredients, formulations and technologies. Watch Webinars & Online Conferences live or on-demand at a time convenient to you completely free of charge. See below for the latest sessions.

Ingredient Showcase – From sustainability to anti-ageingBitop, Greentech, Henry Lamotte, Lipotrue, Sappi, Vitamin C60 BioResearch Register today
Cannabinoids – how important are they?DemetrixView on demand
100% plant based microbiome friendly soothing agent for skin and scalpRoquetteView on demand
Ingredient showcase – from haircare to skincare, suncare, body care or colour cosmeticsBitop, Evonik, ITO, Koken, Lipotrue, Provital, Sappi Biochemtech, Symrise View on demand
Naturally sooth skin & scalp while protecting the diversity of skin microbiotaRoquette BeautéWatch Session
in-cosmetics Group Online Product Showcase – Technical ingredient webinarsVariousWatch Session
Unveiling 100% Plant-Based Ingredients with New Hair Care BenefitsRoquette BeautéWatch Session
in-cosmetics Asia Online Conference – Technical ingredients webinarVariousWatch Session
Formula development and regulatory compliance using performance software tools Coptis Watch session
SKIN-CERA®: A Novel Ceramide Extract for Skin HealthVidya EuropeWatch session
The Joy of PlumpingLipoTrueWatch session
J-Beauty Ingredients Day – Part 2VariousWatch sessions
The science of K-Beauty ingredientsBeautee Collagen, KPT,
Naturecostech, Soleon
View on demand
Molecular Hiving™ Technology for cost-efficient and green manufacturing of peptides BachemWatch session
Formulating sunscreens at room temperature with mineral UV filters in powderKoboWatch session
A Deeper Dive on Alpha-Gel EmulsificationNikkol Group Watch session
99% Natural anti-sagging face cream made with PEG-free vegan emulsifierGattefossé Watch session
Biohacking chronic bad sleepLIPOTRUE S.L. Watch session
Synergistic effect of bioactive peptide and phytochemistry on targeted skincareSpec-chem Watch session
Why beauty brands need to move towards a circular economy & how to embrace itEmma Lewisham Watch session
Traditional ingredients that meet modern beauty approaches and concernsAsiacosmelab Watch session

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