Tune in, hear it!

Tune in, hear it!


If you are keen to learn about the latest ingredient launches, scientific and marketing trends in personal care, we have an exciting range of live and on-demand webinars and virtual events for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home, lab or office!

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As we move into 2021, we have a new series of digital events, as well as the return of our live events. Our first digital event was the first Ingredients Showcase of the year in January and our first live, in-person event will be in-cosmetics Korea in July. Watch this space as we announce more digital events throughout the year.


Join us on 24 June to continue our online education series with the science behind K-Beauty. Four ingredient suppliers specialised in different sectors – such as haircare, colour cosmetics, skincare and makeup – will be sharing their technical experience with Korean ingredients and offering scientific guidance on their application for cost-effective and appealing products. The 30-minute webinar sessions are packed with practical information about specific high-end ingredients that you can apply to your next formulations:

  • AMICELL: A multi-functional collagen for haircare & repair
  • Discover our green, nanocellulose raw material for sunscreen application
  • Innovative surface treatment technology to improve the use of finished products
  • Introducing KPT (Korea Particle Technology)’s innovated and patented encapsulation soft pearl systems


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in-cosmetics Discover sessions

Type: Webinar

Get in-depth information about the latest innovative ingredients, featured on the in-cosmetics Discover directory, straight from the suppliers.

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J-Beauty On-demand in-cosmetics Connect

J-Beauty Ingredients Day

Type: Webinar

An online learning series brought together specialists from renowned Japanese companies.

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K-Beauty Formulation Day

K-Beauty Formulation Day

Type: Webinar

A series of ingredient demonstrations focused on K-Beauty.

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Explore the latest ingredients

Ingredients Showcase

Type: Webinar

A series of 30-minute sessions, presented by leading ingredients manufacturers, on topics including barrier repair, biotechnology, sustainability, the effect of acids and more.

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Korean webinar on Maskne

Sensitive skin and Maskne

Type: Webinar

Join Mintel’s Senior Beauty Analyst, Hwa Jun Lee as he deep-dives into South Korea’s consumers in the COVID-19 era, new acne and sensitive-skin product and ingredient trends, and the patent landscape and patents to watch

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Pollution proof your skin and hair

Pollution-proof your skin and hair with Greentech

Type: Webinar

In cosmetics, the effects of pollution on skin are well known, but it’s not the case of hair. Discover the natural and innovative GREENTECH solutions to preserve skin & hair health & radiance, to pollution-proof them.

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Plant based emulsifier & texturizer

Learn about this plant-based ingredient with Roquette Beauté

Type: Webinar

Find out how this ingredient can speed up your emulsion process & time-to-market, increase the naturality of your cosmetics formulations and learn how to create a wide range of textures with quick break features.

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Korea Innovation Day

Korea Innovation Day

Type: Webinar

As K-Beauty continues to inspire product developments around the world, in-cosmetics Asia is partnering with Kotra for an online product showcase of niche ingredient suppliers from Korea focusing on colour cosmetics, haircare, skincare and suncare.

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Formulation in the climate change age

in-cosmetics Formulation Summit

Type: Event

In its first digital edition, the Formulation Summit focused on “formulation in the climate change age”. Take a look at our exhibitor demos from the event, with presentations from Ayton Global Research, Sovena, Chemspeed, Chemisches Laboratorium and Actera.

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flasks full of coloured liquid

Formula development & regulatory compliance using performance software tools

Type: Webinar

Estelle Chevreton, Coptis, explains how you can improve efficiency by integrating your R&D data into one centralized system. Find the tools to improve search capabilities, detect regulatory & market non-conformance and instantaneously generate reports.

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technical seminars

in-cosmetics Virtual: Technical Seminars

Type: Webinar series

A variety of presentations, hosted by our in-cosmetics Virtual exhibitors, delivering an overview of key personal care ingredients; from understanding the benefits they provide to sharing scientific evidence that substantiates the claims associated with their products.

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Conical flasks with coloured liquid

Using formulations data for successful product development

Type: Webinar

Searching for information on formulations can be a daunting task but now, thanks to CAS, formulators can address this challenge by accessing the world’s largest collection of formulations data.

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Green cosmetics

The first-ever vegan-registered collagen

Type: Webinar (technical presentation)

In this presentation, Jiangsu Jland Biotech outline the development & benefits of the first-ever vegan registered collagen & its potential disruption of the anti-ageing skincare market. You will also find out how formulators can benefit from this disruption.

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Award in front of red curtains

in-cosmetics Global Awards

Type: Online Awards

Winners of the Innovation Zone Best Ingredients Awards – as well as the Green Ingredient Awards – were announced on 6 October, as part of in-cosmetics Virtual 2020 in a celebration of personal care ingredient excellence.

Revealing the 2020 winners

in-cosmetics Latin America #incostalks

Type: Interviews with brands and experts

Stay tuned to our Instagram account for the next instalment of #incostalks, where a leading brand will take the spotlight to share their personal insights, tips, and success stories (in Portuguese).

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man standing arms folded

Breaking Beauty

Type: Webinar (marketing presentation)

With more and more beauty consumers going online to buy their cosmetics, we bring you an online workshop with Amazonholic Ryan Mulvany, Quiverr Collective on why every brand needs an Amazon strategy in 2020.

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