Skincare in Focus – Ingredient Showcase

Skincare in Focus – Ingredient Showcase

Several ingredient suppliers recently presented their latest innovations. Bitop introduced their active skincare ingredients from TikTok sensation Ectoin® natural to Glycoin® natural, Cosphatec discussed their Cosphaderm® Absolute ingredient whilst CLR showed how to refine skin texture and complexion with soft focus.


Stop ‘skin inflammaging’ with a 100% natural multifunctional bioactive (Bitop)

Inflammaging has recently emerged as a pathway that correlates aging and age-related diseases with inflammation. In 2015, the World Health Organization World Report on Ageing and Health highlighted an urgent requirement for healthy ageing strategies.

Inflammaging refers to a progressive increase in chronic low-level inflammation that occurs naturally in the body as we get older. The main feature of the ageing process is a chronic progressive increase in the proinflammatory status, that was originally termed as “inflamm-aging”. The term “inflamm-aging” was first named by Franceschi et al. in 2000, and it is a new addition to the types of ageing studies. Skin-specific symptoms of chronic inflammation include wrinkles and crow’s feet, uneven tone and texture, and a slowdown of cells’ self-healing functions.

This seminar throws light upon the scientific process associated with inflammaging, the main causes of inflammaging and provides a ‘one-stop solution to inflammaging’ and the associated concerns.


Antimicrobial product stabilisation by natural humectants (Cosphatec)

Cosphaderm® Absolute is a blend of three established humectant actives in optimally aligned concentrations.

Using Cosphaderm® Absolute helps to hydrate the skin and improve the skin’s barrier function while reducing the water activity of a formulation.

The lower the water activity of a formulation, the less antimicrobials need to be used for preservation.


The never-ending quest for refined skin structure and even skin complexion (CLR)

One of our biggest challenges is to develop products which lead to refined skin structure and even coloration. Zooming out, we come to the recognition of the importance conspicuous pores as a main consumer concern. Astringents, however, have now shown to not be good enough.

Consumers need a real solution to their problem: products which act on all relevant biological pathways in the skin which lead to conspicuous and unsightly pores. Pore size is one aspect to address, but it essential to also take colour contrast between the pore and its surrounding, into consideration. Only with a holistic yet clearly goal-oriented approach, conspicuous pores can be reduced.

CLR Berlin developed CutiFine CLR™, which was proven in both in vitro and placebo-controlled in vivo studies to perceivably reduce conspicuous pores. This presentation will address these studies, but also the importance of conspicuous pores for the consumer and the cosmetic industry.

  • Skincare’s biggest challenge: Refined skin and even complexion
  • One of the main consumer concerns: Conspicuous and unsightly pores
  • Demand for holistic, but goal-oriented approaches for perceivable effects
  • The key: Addressing pore size and colour contrast of pores





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