New trends in men’s grooming: the opportunities emerging in the sector

New trends in men’s grooming: the opportunities emerging in the sector

The market for cosmetic products for men has been affected by the pandemic for different reasons, mainly due to the closure of shops, beauty salons and working from home. One of the categories that has been affected the most was that of shaving products. This has been reflected in the increase in the consumption of other types of products, since staying at home has driven more awareness on self-care and more time to experiment with different products and routines. E-commerce, social media and influencers are also catalyzing the rise of certain products. The portal indicates that the men’s grooming market was worth USD 55.22 billion in 2020 and has a projected CAGR of 4.29% for the period 2021 – 2026. Next, we will see some of the most representative trends in men’s grooming.

men manicure

MANIS AND PEDIS: On the web, we can find tutorials on how to do these procedures from the comfort of our homes. We also see recommendations for products and routines. Manicure and pedicure at home is a great innovation opportunity for cosmetic companies. Men are increasingly concerned about the appearance and care of their nails.

INTIMATE HA: The portal indicates that, although we live in a world that is increasingly open, there are topics that may still be taboo in our society, with aesthetic procedures for men being one of them. Facial care technology is also moving to treatments for the male intimate area and the goal is to make us feel better. Hyaluronic acid penis thickening is gaining popularity as it is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that can provide immediate benefits.

COWASHING: This is an interesting concept, as some men wash their hair every three days on average and are giving more attention to conditioner. We are seeing new formats and formulations of conditioners that also help to remove excess dirt and clean the hair.

BABY BUTTOCKS: One of the good things that the pandemic has brought to the category of men’s grooming is that men have had more time to take care of themselves and apply facial and body treatment therapies. Butt hair removal is trending in many of our countries and there are various treatments that men are becoming adept at, such as the use of depilatory creams, waxing, the shaving machine and laser hair removal. Other areas of interest, which are also in trend, are the shoulders, back, forehead and groin. There is a great opportunity to find powerful insights around this need, which allow the development of products with innovative concepts.

MANSCAPING: This is the term that refers to intimate hair removal and intimate hair care. We are seeing diversity in concepts and products such as specialized razors in this area, deodorants and waterproof underwear that reduce the risk of chafing. In this regard, the GQ magazine says in a recent note that men are more aware of their own personal hygiene and therefore are more focused on looking for suitable products and tools.

messy hair

MESSY HAIR: One of the trends in hair cosmetics for men that is gaining strength this summer is messy hair. This look was popular a few years ago and it is important that the hair has a good texture and volume so that, when it is tousled, it looks good. The hair needs to be layered to have a good messy effect. Now that men are gradually returning to hairdressing and SPA, we see very interesting innovations to achieve these effects.

BROTOX: The applications of botulinum toxin in men continue to trend and derive new benefits, in addition to the treatment of wrinkles and gestural lines, such as the treatment of hyperhidrosis in the palms and hands. Integral Orofacial Harmonization is an interesting concept that seeks to find the best version of each man and that also takes advantage of the benefits of botox. The #babybotox is also in trend in millennials and centennials, which consists of the injection of botulinum toxin in microdoses to prevent the formation of expression lines in susceptible areas such as the brow, forehead and crow’s feet. Other complementary aesthetic procedures that remain in trend in times of pandemic are hair transplantation, laser resurfacing for acne and marks.

CHLOROPHYLL: Chlorophyll consumed orally and in cosmetic products has been a trendy topic on social networks. It has benefits for oily skin, acne and improvement of the appearance of blemishes. In the coming months, we will see very interesting launches of technologies for skincare, based on the benefits of this substance and derivatives, in fact, Chlorophyll-like can be a great opportunity to develop new innovative biochemical routes in facial care.

MASKCULINITY: Due to the pandemic, men have begun to love masks and are incorporating them into their facial care routines, once or twice a week. We are seeing very interesting products with claims related to radiance, purification, hydration, cleaning, matification, pores, clays, nutrition, refining, peeling, exfoliation, purification, firming, recovery, oil-control, renovation, among others.

COLOUR COSMETICS: The world’s first men’s makeup store – War Paint for Men – opened in London in July. In the store, we can find everything from bases, bronzers, to beard and eyebrow fillers. Founder Danny Gray mentions that he created the brand in response to his own experiences, about which he says: “When I was 15 years old and I started getting blemishes like most people, I went to see my sister and used her concealer, and it changed my life forever”. Gray has managed to see a connection between men’s makeup and mental health and is actually partnering with The Lions Barber Collective, a group of non-profit barbers trained in mental health support to help prevent male suicide. We are facing “The golden age of male makeup”, as indicated by a publication of the newspaper El Pais in Spain in July. This trend has been driven by social media and video calls, which make us more aware of our appearance. We are seeing innovations in formats such as blur stick, nail lacquers, eyeliner, tone unifying moisturizers, eyebrow pencil, concealer, bronzer, foundation, stick makeup, eyebrow and eyelash gel and primer among others.

men skincare

REGI-MEN: The pandemic is making men start taking better care of their skin. Now we see the design of special routines for men’s facial care for the treatment of dark circles, wrinkles, spots, along with signs of fatigue and stress on the skin.

SKIN POSITIVE: This movement teaches us to love our blemished skin. Thanks to the pandemic, men have been able to understand more diverse ideals of beauty, knowing the reality beyond the perfect figures that we have followed for so long and above all, understanding that not everything we see on social networks is true. This movement aims to teach us to feel good about our skin imperfections, scars, pimples, blemishes, pores and wrinkles. #Skinpositivity is gaining more and more followers amongst influencers and celebrities. Reducing the effects of toxic masculinity in our perception is also beginning to be a trend and cosmetics play a fundamental role in this goal.

BLEACHING AT HOME: Tutorials to bleach hair at home are in trend, which is driven by celebrities, for example, David Beckham a few days ago posted a freshly bleached look on Instagram and his children Cruz and Romeo wore two shades of pink and emerald respectively.

GROIN GROOMING: Proper groin skincare is also on-trend, as, if not properly maintained, it can create conditions for the growth of bacteria and fungi. Sweat can cause groin itching, chafing, and strange odours. We are seeing very interesting innovations in this category, like moisture-wicking underwear, anti-chafing lotions that are interesting formulations because these creams have starch and soothing actives, starchy sprays that can be rubbed on the thighs and other places, electric pubic hair razors that are more delicate and prevent cuts, antimicrobial oils, wipes for the groin area, gels and soaps for the intimate area with prebiotic and postbiotic active ingredients and healing creams that relieve irritation, dryness and skin chafing.


MEN MASKNE: As we know, products and treatments to treat maskne are currently on the rise and this is also a problem that men are experiencing since male skin produces more sebum and has more open pores. We are looking at the market for specialized maskne treatment products for men.

CLEAN BEAUTY: In the market, we are seeing an increase in the demand for products in this concept, the consumer is looking for more natural, organic, cruelty-free and chemical-free products that can be harmful.

Clearly, the pandemic and the new reality in which we live in are driving some categories of male hygiene and beauty that undoubtedly represent a great opportunity for the development and transformation of the cosmetics industry. The possibilities are many and the investment is already generating profits for several brands. Is yours among them?

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