Formulation Summit: Advancing in the age of sustainability and well-being

Formulation Summit: Advancing in the age of sustainability and well-being

in-cosmetics formulation summit 2021

in-cosmetics Formulation Summit returns to a physical format with an unrivalled seminar programme

The renowned in-cosmetics Formulation Summit will return to the Leonardo Royal Hotel, London from 29 – 30 November 2021, exploring the topic of advancing in the age of sustainability and well-being. With the summit taking place in a virtual format last year due to the pandemic, this year’s conference marks the in-cosmetics Group’s first physical event in Europe in over two years.

Through the lens of leading international experts, the Summit will offer unparalleled, up-to-date intelligence into the most pertinent sustainability and wellbeing trends that are influencing the beauty industry today and in the future. A total of 23 sessions will take place over the two-day event, with dedicated breaks for networking with exhibitors, peers, and globally renowned speakers and experts.

R&D professionals and formulators from cosmetic manufacturers and ingredient suppliers will benefit from the Summit’s high-level, scientific programme that is centred around four main themes: neuroscientists, sustainability, cosmetic claims, and the pandemic and consumer behaviour. The in-cosmetics Formulation Summit will delve into the various aspects of “good” science, that can enable formulators to create products that are fantastic for both consumers well-being and the planet, discussing everything from raw material shortages to safety regulations around hygiene products.

The pandemic and consumer behaviour

From soap to sanitisers, demand for germ-busting ‘hero’ products has rocketed due to the pandemic, leaving startling gaps in the supply chain. Mary Lord, Former President of the Society Of Cosmetic Scientists UK & Ireland, will open the Summit programme with a talk discussing what has happened during the pandemic and how it will shape the cosmetic industry for years to come. Other sessions focusing on the effect of the pandemic include Samantha Dover, Global Beauty & Personal Care Analyst at Mintel who will discuss COVID-19’s impact on consumers and how priority shifts will be habit-forming, and Paolo Camattari, Research, Development and Innovation Manager at Lynoslife will delve into pandemic-related chaos in the supply chain.

A focus on sustainability

As an overarching theme of the Summit, several sessions will touch upon how brands and formulators can implement better sustainability practices. In one session, Chris DeArmitt, World-Class Plastic Materials Consultant, Environmental Expert, President of Phantom Plastics will debunk the common myths surrounding plastic pollution and recycling and highlight other viable routes to sustainable plastics. Elsewhere, Francesca Morgante, Market Development Manager Europe at RSPO, will explore the future of palm oil production and how RSPO certification can offer a viable solution to tackle the most pressing environmental and social issues such as deforestation, biodiversity loss and protection of human rights.

The role of neuroscientists

Alongside sustainability, the Summit programme will also delve into how mental well-being can affect physical appearance and why developing products that deliver true holistic efficacy could be the way forward for the beauty industry.

Highlights include Karl Lintner, Owner and CEO of Kal’idees S.A.S explaining neurocosmetic approaches to anti-ageing products, and Professor Charles Spence, Sensory Marketing Consultant, Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford highlighting the multi-sensory communication of pheromones and neurotransmitters. Elsewhere, Dr. Katerina Steventon, Snr. Innovation Consultant, National Biofilms Innovation Centre & Independent Skincare Consultant will discuss how skin health and beauty affect our well-being and self-esteem, and vice versa, drawing on research and empirical insights from her integrative clinical practice.

Being conscious of cosmetic claims

As the line between cosmetics, biocides and sanitising agents becomes thinner, confusion around safety and regulations widens. The fourth and final theme of the Summit will see expert speakers dig a little deeper into cosmetic claims. On the topic of cosmetics, biocides, and disinfectants, Dr. Cuross Bakhtiar, Chief Executive at Harley St. Cosmetics will discuss the fine line between products we have gotten to know very well over the last few months. Also touching upon the regulatory mayhem due to the pandemic, classification of products and claims, Mojgan Moddaresi, Cosmetics Safety assessor at Personal Care Regulatory Ltd will talk through the damaging effects of misleading cosmetic messaging and how brands can win back integrity.

Roziani Zulkifli, Event Director of in-cosmetics Formulation Summit, said: “Whilst the virtual summit was a great success last year, we know there is nothing quite like face-to-face events so we are absolutely delighted to announce that the in-cosmetics Formulation Summit will return to London in its normal format. As ever, the conference programme gets under the skin of the most pressing industry trends, providing R&D professionals and formulators high-level content and the opportunity to network with experts and peers. We can’t wait to kick start the discussion this November.”

For more information on this year’s programme, visit the in-cosmetics Formulation Summit website here: Booking is now open with early-bird rates available until 22 October. Delegates gain access to the conference programme, including seminars and panel discussions, meeting invites to sponsors, delegates and speakers.

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