Using multi-functional materials to create premium sensory products at a budget price!

Using multi-functional materials to create premium sensory products at a budget price!

Combining the ease of formulation and manufacture of multi-functional materials with a sensory focus enables the creation of premium feeling products economically.

Multi-functional materials are those that serve more than one primary purpose. For example, multi-functional ‘functional’ materials are those which provide the creation of a product, for example, emulsifiers to create a cream, whilst also providing a secondary functional role, for example, prolonged hydration, reduced Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL), skin barrier protection and/or emollient properties. Another example is multi-functional ‘active’ materials, which serve to provide more than one cosmeceutical role in a formulation; for example, advanced anti-ageing as well as antioxidant, skin whitening and hydration benefits. The end result is the same either way: a material that can serve multiple purposes, reducing the need for at least one or more other materials, enabling economies of scale to be achieved easily and cost savings on a number of material purchases, storage space, dispensing and processing time. If the multi-functional material also enables cold processing, the savings in terms of labour, energy and manufacture/fill time can be improved even more dramatically!

Consumers are also becoming more particular about the way products feel, seeking out premium sensory experiences from their products from first application. Not only are they expecting more aesthetically pleasing products, they are also putting additional pressures on manufacturers in terms of price in an ever-increasingly competitive market place. To compete, companies need to incorporate cost saving measures such as using materials available at competitive prices, cold processing, or utilising small inputs of materials without compromising skin feel or performance.

Imagine the cost savings and aesthetic results of combining a multi-functional ‘functional’ material with a multi-functional ‘active’… premium sensory AND efficacy made possible at a budget price!

At in-cosmetics Asia 2015 you’ll see me present on both of these topics: the theory of multi-functional materials in the Technical Session on Wednesday 5:15 – 6pm and earlier in practice, creating a premium sensory SPF50+ product at a budget price by using multi-functional materials in the Interactive Formulation Lab also on Wednesday, from 4 – 5pm. Attend these sessions to find out about some of the latest raw material launches enabling premium sensory experiences and multi-functional roles and benefits to give you better performance and great skin feel at a budget price!

Belinda Carli is the Director of the Institute of Personal Care Science and the Official Technical Advisor to the in-cosmetics group. The leaders in on-line/distance education, IPCS provides training in Cosmetic Formulation, Brand Management and Regulatory Affairs around the world. Visit or for more information.

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Belinda is the Director of Institute of Personal Care Science, leaders in on-line Internationally Recognised Training for Cosmetic Formulation and Regulatory Affairs. She holds a Bachelor of Natural Therapies, Diploma of Cosmetic Science and Certificate in Training and Assessment. She has written 5 books on Cosmetic Formulation from Beginners through to Advanced levels as well as Organic and Colour Cosmetic Formulations and Brand Management. Belinda provides training to all levels of industry, from Beginners through to Advanced Diplomas both on-site and via distance. She has also developed thousands of personal care formulations and document dossiers over the years. She specialises in training on innovative and compliant product developments.

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