World-class innovation to be celebrated at in-cosmetics Asia – Finalists announced for Innovation Zone Awards

World-class innovation to be celebrated at in-cosmetics Asia – Finalists announced for Innovation Zone Awards

The organisers behind in-cosmetics Asia have announced details of the finalists in this year’s Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Awards. 12 products featured in the Innovation Zone have been shortlisted in two categories – Active and Functional Ingredients – for their ability to combine scientific excellence, formulation benefits for manufacturers and efficacy for consumers when compared to other products currently available on the market.

The finalists were selected by a panel of industry experts, including Alain Khaiat of Seers Consulting, Karl Lintner, President of KAL’IDEES S.A.S., Jack Ferguson, founder of Skinnovation Ltd and Marc Pissavini, Director of Basic & Applied Research, Coty-Lancaster Group and Muriel Pujos, Director of Scientific Coordination Multi Brands, Coty Group.                  Gold, Silver and Bronze winners will be announced at a reception taking place on Wednesday 4th November from 14:00 – 15:00 on the Innovation Zone at the show.

Finalists in the Active Ingredients category are as follows:

  • Ashland with Elixiance™ Biofunctional: A natural and sustainable ingredient derived from the Peruvian pink pepper tree, Elixiance™ Biofunctional is rich in phytoantioxidants and flavonols, quercitrin and miquelianin. This unique combination addresses epigenetics for pollution-shielding effects (in vitro, ex vivo), and in vivo purifying effects with oil control, pore refining, and age-perfecting with less visible wrinkles and smoothness for overall fresher, younger-looking skin.
  • CODIF R&N with SKINPERF LWG: A new tool for Corneotherapy, SKINPERF LWG is a green biomaterial forming a lamellar gel which behaves like an intra-cutaneous reservoir of AHA in a progressive and controlled way while avoiding inflammation. Within two weeks, exfoliation performance equals conventional AHA; after four weeks, the skin is brighter whilst pigmentary spots, blackheads and acne scars disappear.
  • Gattefossé with Gatuline® Spot-Light: Gatuline® Spot-Light is a safe, natural solution for a brighter skin complexion with less visible age spots. Obtained by extracting active molecules from Asian Sophora flavescens and handpicked Italian kiwi fruit, it targets dermal and epidermal causes of hyperpigmentation with strong and visible clinical efficacy.
  • Induchem with Brightenyl®: The first generation of whitening ingredients activated upon application to the skin via microbiotes, it targets seven biological pathways for fast and visible clinical results in 28 to 84 days – up to 18 fold reduction of UV spots, 150% reduction of skin darkness, 600% reduction of skin redness, and a 16 fold improvement of skin brightness.
  • Lipotec with BRIGHLETTE™: Obtained through biotechnology from a marine microorganism, BRIGHLETTE™ offers an integral and effective control of skin pigmentation by reducing both the synthesis (melanogenesis) and the deposition of melanin in the epidermis. It decreases the size and contrast of dark spots, associated with ageing and sun exposure, while enhancing skin tone and luminosity. Melanin reduction has been shown up to 61.1% in hyperpigmented skin.
  • Lucas Meyer Cosmetics with Exo-P™: Patented Exo-P™ forms a biomimetic shield on the surface of the skin to fight against urban pollution and smog. Its multi-protective action reduces free radical activity, protects skin and cells from hydrocarbon and heavy metal-induced damages, and avoids PM2.5 adhesion, responsible for premature ageing and irritation. The results: a luminous and healthy looking complexion in only seven days.


Finalists in the Functional Ingredients category are as follows:

  • Evonik Industries with VARISOFT EQ 100: VARISOFT® EQ 100 is a 100% active, novel high performance conditioning agent with an improved sustainability profile. Easy to handle and process, it is ideal for hair care applications including shampoos, conditioner and leave-in sprays.
  • Induchem with Flashtone Unispheres®: Flashtone Unispheres® use a unique encapsulation technology enabling up to 40% content of pigment with skin colour neutralising pigments in their core. Designed to address consumers’ major concerns: Green to reduce redness and pimples, Purple to provide a healthy look and correct yellowish complexion, and Yellow/orange to give an instant vibrancy and fade dark circles.
  • Lipoid Kosmetik with SLM 2038: SLM 2038 is a 100% natural multi-lamellar cream based on Lipoid Kosmetik’s SLM Skin Lipid Matrix® technology. Utilising Non-GMO sunflower phospholipids, it contains skin-identical lipids that mimic both the molecular organisation and composition of the stratum corneum intercellular lipids. The biomimetic lamellar lipid structure provides highly skin-protective and moisturising properties.
  • Lucas Meyer Cosmetics with Lecigel™: Having already gained recognition for their sensory qualities, the unique and sophisticated textures formulated using Lucas Meyer Cosmetics emulsifiers containing phospholipids now offer cosmetics brands the guaranteed consumer pleasure that has become essential to building customer loyalty and to the success of future best-sellers – a real moment of pleasure with the power to turn any consumer into an addict… This never-seen before consumer behavioural (facial microexpressions & voice intonation) and physiological (pupil dilation & skin conductance) analysis developed by specialists in psychology and neuroscience, proved that Lecigel™ triggers positive emotions and provides moments of happiness upon application.
  • TECHNATURE with Instant Powder Manicure Care: Combining citrus fruits and allantoin, this effervescent care whitens, cleans and protects the nails in just a few minutes. Nails are protected with an imperceptible film and tips become whiter use after use.
  • Nikko Chemicals with NIKKOL NIKKOFINE LW: NIKKOL NIKKOFINE LW is a microemulsion base that allows the incorporation of oily material (cold process) into a watery system to create a rich sensorial effect and aid in the delivery of water-soluble actives.


All shortlisted ingredients – plus many more – will be available to view in the Innovation Zone at in-cosmetics Asia 2015.


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