Innovations we loved at in-cosmetics Brasil 2015

After a truly fantastic show at in-cosmetics Brasil 2015, here are my top 10 favourite innovations on show…

Innovation #1: Aqualicia (Laboratoires Expanscience)

Truly deserving its status as in-cosmetics Brasil 2015 Green Ingredient Gold Award, this sustainable, natural 3-in-1 ingredient traps water, distributes and limits water loss to support the skin against dehydration and urban stress. It has been clinically shown to boost hydration in skin by up to 129% and stratum corneum thickness by up to 123% vs. placebo for supple, visible results!

Innovation #2: SWT-7 (Lucas Meyer Cosmetics)

This exciting active was influenced by the latest discoveries in reconstructive tissue engineering for burn injuries treatment. Utilising stem cell technology and cell-to-cell communication, it stimulates keratinocyte synthesis to provide visible anti-aging results even in thin skin within 7 days!

Innovation #3: Solashield (Solabia Biotecnologica)

This material not only has a multitude of activity: protection from pollution, UV, heavy metals and free radicals as well as a smoothing and wrinkle filling action; it comes as pearlised beads so it also looks great in a finished product. Innovation consumers can visualise will work backed up with outstanding efficacy.

Innovation #4: BioDTox (BioSpectrum Inc)

Pollutions and environmental toxins can damage the skin, cause oxidative stress and premature aging. Developed entirely from natural ingredients, this product helps protect the skin from damage and removes toxins. It also reduces visible wrinkles by boosting collagen synthesis.

Innovation #5: Barla Q Pro NPNF (Tri-K)

A barley protein derivative with 5 times the proline content of other protein derivatives, this material defends hair against heat damage, is substantive to the hair and increases hair strength. It has also been tested and proven effective on Indian, Asian, Chinese and Caucasian hair under heat styling stress from as little as 3 applications!

Innovation #6: Brightenyl (Induchem AG)

Activated by a newly identified layer of the human skin, the stratum microbium, this material acts on 7 biological targets of skin pigmentation and colour regulation including UV and hyperpigmented spots and skin redness to yield up to 16 times increase in skin brightness to restore a perfect skin complexion.

Innovation #7: Mariliance (Soliance Givaudan)

An exciting neuro-cosmetic active, this material has been extracted from microalgae to inhibit inflammation and neuro-inflammation mediators to significantly reduce skin sensitivity within 14 days. Its use in formulations not only reduces sensitivity in users with continued improvement over time, it also helps enhance cell longevity for visible benefits!

Innovation #8: Gransil SiW Elastomer Gels (Grant Industries)

Something new and very different, this innovation is based around water-coated silicone elastomers which allow high loads of silicone derivatives to be added to water-based, cold processable gel formulations with minimal need for emulsifiers. The result: stable products with remarkable sensory aesthetics and multiple applications!

Innovation #9: N-Durhance A-1000 (Ashland)

This revolutionary cationic polymer restores the hydrophobic barrier to hair through wash off application with continued benefits when used repeatedly without leaving undesirable build-up!

Innovation #10: LipoFresh PTG (Vantage Specialty Ingredients, Inc.)

This naturally-derived emollient utilises a controlled release bio-active salt for extended, broad spectrum, anti-microbial benefits comparable to triclosan.

Don’t miss out on a minute of the action – if you are supplying innovative materials then in-cosmetics in your region is the place to have them on display! Want to see the latest launches for yourself? Then get to your closest in-cosmetics and stay tuned for more exciting trend reports!

Launching at the next in-cosmetics?

Make sure to email me with your innovations prior to the show and/or come visit me at the IPCS (Institute of Personal Care Science) stand during the show, and you could be mentioned at the Press Conference, in magazines, on video or in post-show blogs and reviews!

Belinda Carli is the Official Technical Advisor to the in-cosmetics group and Director of the Institute of Personal Care Science (IPCS). IPCS is an Internationally Recognised Training Institute and leader in Distance Training in Cosmetic Formulation, Brand Management and Regulatory Affairs offering workshop, Certificate and Diploma level courses. Contact Belinda and the team for assistance with your training, formulation, brand management or regulatory requirements: or visit for more information.


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Belinda is the Director of Institute of Personal Care Science, leaders in on-line Internationally Recognised Training for Cosmetic Formulation and Regulatory Affairs. She holds a Bachelor of Natural Therapies, Diploma of Cosmetic Science and Certificate in Training and Assessment. She has written 5 books on Cosmetic Formulation from Beginners through to Advanced levels as well as Organic and Colour Cosmetic Formulations and Brand Management. Belinda provides training to all levels of industry, from Beginners through to Advanced Diplomas both on-site and via distance. She has also developed thousands of personal care formulations and document dossiers over the years. She specialises in training on innovative and compliant product developments.

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