‘Anti-wrinkle v Anti-ageing’: what’s best for Asian skin

At in-cosmetics Asia in 2015, Michelle Yeomans, editor of CosmeticsDesign-Asia.com, looked at Anti-Wrinkle v Anti-Ageing: debunking the myth SPF based products are the best protection for Asian skin.

Skin care protection in Asia is about obtaining clearer, whiter skin and treating pigmentation irregularities from as young as fifteen. According to experts, UVA protection rather than SPF will treat this issue, however, this has yet to resonate with consumers in the region.

In this video, Michelle debunks the myth that SPF products are best, as well as exploring innovation in this area as companies strive to educate consumers on the benefits of UVA.

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Video taken at in-cosmetics Asia – The leading exhibition and conference in Asia for personal care ingredients – takes place in Bangkok in November – more info at www.in-cosmeticsasia.com

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