The tools for sustainable innovation

The tools for sustainable innovation

Fabiana Munhoz, Head of Advanced Research at L’Oréal Brazil led an inspiring talk at in-cosmetics Latin America 2019 about the eco-design and sustainable sourcing tools developed to achieve the goals set by its sustainability initiative.

As part of L’Oréal’s long-term commitment with sustainability, the original strategy launched back in 2013 pledged: ‘By 2020, we will innovate so that 100% of products have an improved environmental or social profile.’

To do this, the brand refers to its sustainable product optimisation tool which maps out key sustainable considerations, from carbon footprint to biodiversity. 100% of new or renovated product assessments made in 2018 used the product optimisation tool.

In terms of raw ingredient sourcing, L’Oréal’s sustainable innovations were led by following a naturalness index. L’Oréal also made a commitment to its sustainable sourcing pillars, as follows:

1)      Promote economic empowerment

2)      Assure decent and safe work

3)      Guarantee equality

4)      Preserve biodiversity

5)      Take action against climate change

L’Oréal is encouraging the industry to innovate sustainably. Fabiana presented some company case studies which honed in on some key ingredient considerations for the Brazilian market, including shea butter, sustainable oils from the Amazon, and babaçu oils.

Fabiana laid out the key sustainability benchmarks for sourcing each ingredient:

Shea butter: solidarity sourcing to empower women, implementing fair trade principles and reducing of CO2 emissions and improving working conditions

Amazon oils: Investments on training, equipment, promotion of sustainable harvesting practices, the implementation of fair trade practices and to raise the value of seeds and nuts harvesting

Babaçu oils: Agroforestry system practices, creation of solidarity fund and supporting families in nutritional vulnerability through implementation of agro backyards and small animals breeding

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