Fundamental: rethink beauty to create tomorrow’s essentials

Fundamental: rethink beauty to create tomorrow’s essentials

The crises we face in this long turn of the millennium come to interrupt the frenetic pace in which the world found itself, providing the opportunity to rethink the entire system. In this deceleration, fundamental questions were able to come to light and help us to rebuild the foundations of a better life, with a newfound respect for time and processes, along with a profound value for universality. New concepts emerge, becoming essential to rethink the beauty of tomorrow: quality over quantity, products for all purposes and new high potential markets find a place in the sun.

Quality has become more than luxury, as it is now perceived as key to a greener world. Anne Millois, a natural French cosmetics brand, manufactures products in its own laboratory, in small batches and without non-active ingredients. The goal is to make the maximum of its properties, leaving aside everything that is superfluous – with a result that is both sublime and essential. Seeking to control the entire life cycle, Anne chose to create six products made of only six ingredients, enhancing their properties with great expertise and technology. This minimalist approach to efficiency is combined with the Japanese Saho ritual, in which each product is used in harmony with the others.

Rethinking rhythms becomes imperative when even in fashion, the frenetic calendar of shows and launches comes into question. Following the changes imposed by the pandemics, big brands like Saint Laurent and Gucci decided to challenge the traditional calendar to allow more time for creativity. In a manifesto, Alessandro Michele shared his existential observations about the toxic nature of fashion’s alienating cycles. Many other global brands are proposing new ways to fix the excesses produced by seasonality, in what seems to be the beginning of a well sought revision of values of the industry.

In addition, we see a strong movement towards simpler lifestyles, less idealized and rigid, making aspirations more graspable.  Rethinking beauty became a necessity, with a deconstructed and stereotype-free foundation, more natural and plural, where less is more.

In practice, the beauty and wellness industry offers interesting alternatives through increasingly pragmatic solutions for this shift in paradigm:

Making beauty simple

Simplification is a strong and continuous trend, evolving towards greater transparency and innovation. Minimalism, universal bases, essential ingredients, short formulations, all-purpose makeup, optimized beauty routines, hypoallergenic options, a-gender, modernized DYO, are put under the spotlight:

1. Pigmented lip, cheek and eye balm, Axiology.

2. “The Skinline”, an ultra simplified universal routine that promises to make skin radiant without the use of makeup. by Normalife

3. Premium Multifunctional Serum (anti-wrinkle, anti-fatigue, pore-reducing and more!) for men and women, by NGS – Non Gender Specific.

4. Eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara: the perfect 3-in-1 stick, TrèStique.

5. Hypoallergenic perfumes made from sustainable and ethical ingredients, Henry Rose

Smart essentials

Put aside superfluous ingredients in favor of ultra-concentrated formulations, reduce volumes as much as possible and hybridize formulations for cosmetics that provide high performance with low impact. The absence of non-active ingredients and low impact packaging are also highlights of this trend!

1. Base + ampoules to create personalized shampoo or liquid soap, Pibu Pibu.

2. Innovative 2-in-1 Cannabis Extract Serum (CBD) that can be ingested or applied to the skin as an antioxidant treatment, Antidote L’Absolu by HO KARAN

3. Line of concentrated perfume extracts, Byredo.

4. Mineral sunscreen drops to add to moisturizers and daily routine skin care products, Ava Isa.

Focus on personal care

Ecological, smart, refined or high-performance: personal care receives a “shake-up” towards greater sophistication, following the footsteps of ‘skinification’. This mature market segment, claims for renewal, with unbounded potential. Reinvented textures, multipurpose deodorants, dry care, soaps… Revive personal care with contemporary practicality.

1. High performance probiotic deodorant, Agent Nateur X Aime.

2. Toothpaste with pump, Iki.

3. Deodorant and perfume: bergamot, jasmine and white musk, from Corpus Naturals

4. Dry shampoo and body cleansing powder, Cleo+Coco.

5.- Cleansing powder to gentle cleansing mousse with just a bit o water – for body and hair, from Laboratoires de Biarritz.

A new beauty consumer is born, anchored in reality, with a refined and direct taste, receptive and committed to changes, contributing to the foundations of a more harmonious future.

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