Technological advancements, novel marketing technique, CBD partnership

Technological advancements, novel marketing technique, CBD partnership

Developments in virtual try-on progress the men’s grooming category, while microencapsulation technology evolves the lip care segment. A new toothpaste launch seeks to appeal to multiple consumer demographics, the latest salve launch aims to reduce the appearance of scars and the CBD personal care portfolio receives attention following an industry collaboration.

In our bi-weekly cosmetics and personal care round-up, we explore the recent news, trends and launches shaping the industry around the world.

Givaudan launches microencapsulated hyaluronic acid ingredient

Multinational manufacturer Givaudan introduces its latest active cosmetics ingredients offering, a microencapsulated hyaluronic acid (HA) ingredient for lip care. It is designed to be sustainable and technologically innovative, advancing microencapsulation technology.

In developing the Spherulite HA Ultimate product, Givaudan Active Beauty sought to manufacture a sustainable, well-ageing active ingredient that delivers high molecular weight (HMW) hyaluronic acid (HA) to deeper skin layers.

The company used vectorisation technology to achieve this and landed on its final product, Spherulite HA Ultimate, which sits in the lip care category and strives to provide instant and long-term plumping benefits.

Givaudan saw that while HA is widely used in well-ageing solutions as it is known for its ability to maintain hydration and plump, it also recognised that today’s HA consumers base their product selections on the ingredient’s concentrations and other values to indicate its efficiency.

“The advanced microencapsulation technology of Spherulite allows the vectorisation of HMW HA through multi-layered crystalline microcapsules,” said Marina Egorova, Visuals and Vectorisation Category Manager for Active Beauty.

“The non-ionic nature of the capsule enables it to better penetrate the upper layers of the skin to the target activity site where pure HA is slowly released for a long-lasting effect,” Egorova added.

YouCam Makeup expands in AI and AR virtual-led male grooming

Artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) beauty tech solutions providers and developer of YouCam Makeup, Perfect Corp, expands into the men’s grooming market with a virtual beard style try-on application.

Using its AI and AR-powered technology, YouCam Makeup users can virtually try on various facial hairstyles via their smartphones. In designing and rolling out its latest feature, Perfect Corp’s expansion into the men’s grooming category aims to offer true-to-life facial hair styles for selfie photos.

Designed to offer a hyper-realistic virtual beard try-on experience, the advanced virtual try-on solution uses a combination of smart technologies. Together, these aim to help users accurately visualise various beard styles on their faces. Perfect Corp’s Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) technology works to remove facial hair and add beard styles to the user’s original photo. AI technology renders a virtual beard to fit the individual’s face shape and AR technology enables the digital try-on on the image for a simulated beard virtual effect.

The virtual beard try-on provides users with 15 different popular facial hair styles, including goatee, circle beard, anchor beard, moustache and mutton chops. YouCam Makeup’s new feature comes with advanced tools, including its beard eraser tool, which enables users to adjust and customise their beard to better fit their style, as well as its compare feature tool, which allows users to compare their before and after facial hair styles, with a side-by-side comparison.

Emogene & Co unveils salve designed to reduce the appearance of scars

Pharmacist-formulated skincare line Emogene & Co has released its newest product, a salve formulated with medicinal botanicals and protective agents to reduce the appearance of scars. Emogene’s Signature Scar Salve states that its product, made from 100% natural ingredients, actively works to minimise post-surgical, injury, facial and body scars.

The brand confirms that users of its Signature Scar Salve can see results in as little as three weeks after using the product twice a day. Formulating its natural solution for scars, Emogene states its newly-launched salve skincare product assists with healing while lowering the appearance of scars and improving skin’s texture for a smoother appearance. Additionally, the product strives to promote healthy skin and favourable scar tissue when used consistently.

Emogene’s salve product seeks to bring together natural botanical extracts that contain antioxidants with non-nano zinc oxide providing SPF 32 for broad-spectrum sun protection. The skincare product contains key ingredients including tamanu oil, arnica, carrot seed oil, non-nano zinc oxide, geranium and helichrysum, which, when formulated together, the brand states, increases wound healing and regenerates new cells.

Davids markets its latest toothpaste to both adults and children

The premium oral care brand unveils its latest toothpaste, geared towards both adults and children. The natural toothpaste name, which has launched its latest product in a watermelon and strawberry flavour, aims to appeal to the two audiences simultaneously by re-creating the nostalgic flavour of a classic sweet, the Jolly Rancher.

Davids Natural Toothpaste strives to provide consumers with a high-performance, fluoride-free toothpaste that uses naturally sourced and derived ingredients to whiten teeth, remove plaque and freshen breath.

“We are so excited to bring the first kids+adults toothpaste to market,” said Eric Buss, Founder and CEO of Davids Natural Toothpaste. “Davids was inspired to create kids+adults, as it’s estimated that 15% of adults purchase kids toothpastes for themselves because they don’t like ‘adult flavours’ and now they can enjoy a mouthwatering toothpaste with none of the guilt,” Buss stated.

CBD Move Free teams up with Novvi

Cannabidiol (CBD) producer, CBD Move Free, has joined forces with the naturally derived synthetic ingredients provider for beauty and personal care, Novvi, to bring CBD personal care products to the market.

After collaborating to manufacture CBD personal care products, CBD Move Free will deliver CBD balms using Novvi’s plant-based and naturally-derived oils and emollients. The partnership will see CBD Move Free create its first line of CBD relief products using Novvi’s ingredients, including its Luxtra emollients, which are known for their moisturisation properties. Later in 2022, the brand will expand its Luxtra-based products into the sexual wellness category.

Following its pairing, CBD Move Free will include Novvi’s ingredients across its full line of topical balms, utilising a roll-on design designed to provide targeted relief for sore muscles and inflammation.

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