The global cosmetics market for men will reach 166 billion USD by 2022. That’s according to a recent report by Allied Market Research, registering a CAGR of 5.4% for the 2016-2022 period. In another recent report by Euromonitor, it estimated that the men’s grooming market in Latin America for 2019 is close to 11.27 billion USD, with a CAGR projection of 4.2% for the next five years. This dynamism of the market is because men are changing their lifestyle; they are more aware of their wellbeing and appearance, and they want to feel more attractive, successful and young. The concept of “masculism” comes into play with this trend, since men are responding to their right to be more showy, sensitive and emotional. Next, we will see some of the most representative trends in the region:

Bye bye, macho… The stereotype of the “Macho Latino”, as well as of the metrosexual, is about to be extinct, because the category is atomising in a very energetic way, partly thanks to the rise of barbershops, the niche, and indie brands. In Latin America men are getting more risky haircuts, waxing their eyebrows and body, painting their grey hair, grooming their beards, doing aesthetic surgeries and using makeup.

Seg-man-tation: We are observing a demand for unconventional products, innovations in product formats and maximum specialisation in the category:

For beard and moustache: Oils, balsams, soaps, machines, foams and oils for shaving, brushes, combs, aftershave, wax, lotions, shampoos, conditioners.

  • For hair: Shampoos, conditioners, sprays, temporary and semi-permanent dyes, waxes, ointments, treatments, styling products and lotions.
  • For face: Anti-acne, products for eyebrows, cleaners, anti-ageing products, masks, sunscreens and moisturising products.
  • For body: Bronzers, slimming products, exfoliating creams, soaps, deodorants, bath gels, intimate hygiene products, body hydrating creams, hand creams, enamels and nail products.
  • Facial makeup: translucent powders, corrective foundations, primer, BB and CC cream, anti-dark circles, concealer, lip balm, mattifying cloths and oil absorbent cloths.
  • Oral care: Dental care, mouth rinses and breath products.

Barber rise: Barber, hairdresser or stylist …What is the difference?

  • Barber: He has the job of shaving, cutting and arranging the beard, moustache and hair.
  • Hairdresser: He has the job of combing, cutting and fixing hair.
  • Stylist: He has the job of taking care of style and image.

Beard, moustache and sideburns: Specialised products for colouring beards, moustaches and sideburns are emerging, with traditional colours such as black and brown, and more fun tones such as blue, silver and green (among others).

Man-icure: Mani and Pedi, are the new must in personal care and image routines.

Tattoo care: Expect to see more specialisation in products for the care of tattoos, sunscreens to preserve colour and moisturisers to revive the tones.

Menvertising: The advertising of men cosmetics in the region is giving way to more real men, who can be romantic, vulnerable, sensitive, that care about their appearance and who need time for personal care.

Beard jewellery: It is one of the latest fashion trends for beards; ideal for men who express themselves eccentrically, for example, jewellery shaped like skulls and anchors.

Maskculinity: A recent report by Mintel indicates that the market penetration for facial masks for men is almost comparable to that of facial treatments. The challenge for brands is to innovate in terms of the benefits – to go beyond basic benefits to specialised ones. As such, it is essential to learn in detail about the lifestyles and consumption patterns of men. For example, offering product benefits that protect against the effects of blue-light can be very interesting for men who spend a lot of time in front of a screen or a cell phone. Also, offering products that control facial hair growth, balance oily skin, provide sensory effects that change with temperature, as well as other benefits related to luminosity and anti-ageing.

Regi-men: Skincare routines are becoming more complex for the male audience; for this reason, brands are launching kits and complete sets that include tools, basic and specialised products.

Scalp care: This is one of the great opportunities for launching new products. Grey-reversion is one of the mechanisms that has received recent awards and is opening doors to a whole new world of concepts and claims. The latest advances in the microbiome are also allowing the development of new benefits – previously unimagined.

From Professor X to Chewbacca: We are observing a boom of products to grow and thicken the hair of beards, moustaches, eyebrows and sideburns.

Men-vices: The devices for hair treatment in men are booming; new launches co-created with AI, VR, AR and IOT with claims and highly novel product claims.

Butt lift: Firming creams for men’s butts are trending. Lifted, firmer & rounder are the new claims.

Feet products: Peels for feet and corns, sock-masks that exfoliate, hydrate, treat and soften cracked heels.

No prejudices: Statistics state that in recent years the number of men who wax has tripled in the region, being close to 40% in some countries. Waxing eyebrows, chest, abdomen, arms, back, armpits, legs, buttocks and private parts is the most common. The idea of what is sexually attractive and desirable in terms of masculinity is changing for men and women. Therefore, certain aesthetic practices, such as hair removal, begins to be shared. The market is producing artefacts and devices for hair removal, as well as innovations in textures and formats.

Troll is back: Styling trend presented in the last menswear fashion week, fall/winter 2019. We will see new ultra-styling formulas and maximum fixation to achieve similar finishes to these dolls that were famous in the ’90s.

Brobeauty … Innovation in men’s grooming brings us closer to discovering a new world of benefits, claims and textures. Undoubtedly, it is one of the categories with the greatest global growth forecast.



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John Jiménez is a pharmacist from National University of Colombia with a master's in sustainable development and specialization studies in marketing, cosmetic science and neuromarketing. He has 30 publications in scientific journals and a book chapter in cosmetic formulation. He has been the recipient of the Maison G. de Navarre Prize (IFSCC USA 2004), Henry Maso Award (IFSCC USA 2016) and best scientific papers at Colamiqc Ecuador 2009, Colamiqc Brazil 2013 and Farmacosmética Colombia 2014. He also has been a speaker at various international conferences in Europe and Latin America. Since 2019, he has written a trends column for In-Cosmetics connect, Since 2013 a trends column for Cosmetics & Toiletries Brazil and since 2020, a column on neuromarketing for Eurocosmetics. He also has authored and co-authored articles and served on the Scientific Advisory Board for Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine. Jiménez additionally served as president of Accytec Bogotá (2017-2019). He joined Belcorp in 2005 and currently is Senior Researcher for skin care, suncare and personal care categories. Before joining Belcorp, he worked in Laboratorios Esko, Whitehall AH Robins and Fresenius Medical Care in Colombia.

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