Asian Beauty: The Multi-Billion-Dollar Opportunity

Asian Beauty: The Multi-Billion-Dollar Opportunity

Written by Andrea Bisker, Head of Stylus Brazil

It’s fair to say most (if not all) eyes are on the East when it comes to beauty. From multi-step regimes, to tiered beauty store concepts and technology, we’ve seen how beauty trends from the East have infiltrated the Western landscape. And this influence shows no signs of slowing up.

As the largest, and one of the fastest growing markets globally for the beauty and personal care industry, the Asia Pacific region will continue to be a driving force in establishing trends in these areas for the foreseeable future.

And smart Latin American brands are cottoning on. While it used to be true that Asian beauty products were in short supply in Latin American countries, that is rapidly changing. Beauty brands of all sizes are waking up to this highly commercial opportunity. While some brands have opted to import Asian products into the regional market as a way to quickly capitalise on Eastern beauty trends, others are building from the ground-up. We’re seeing a raft of small, independent e-tailers emerge, while smart local brands are also quickly integrating elements of Asian beauty into their offerings.

As well as introducing Asian beauty inspired product, we’re also seeing this influence extend to engagement strategies – whether that’s leveraging social media or creating platforms through which to educate local consumers about Asian skincare products and beauty routines. And we should remember that Asian beauty isn’t solely about women. Compared to the West, Asian men are much more active consumers of cosmetics and skincare, including make-up. It’s also not uncommon for male influencers to front advertising for products aimed at women. This highly progressive approach offers many learnings for Western markets, particularly as we see Western men become more open to ‘beauty’ over ‘grooming’.

As more and more Latin consumers are exposed to Asian beauty trends, so the appetite for products and services inspired by beauty trends from the East will grow. It’s vital that brands understand which trends will translate with their target markets, and how to deliver product in a way that lands.

Andrea Bisker will lead a presentation on Asian Beauty Now, sharing key case studies, stats and insights on the emerging trends and commercial opportunities for your brand on Thursday 19 September, 13:30 – 14:15, at the Marketing Trends Theatre at in-cosmetics Latin America.

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