The 2nd Edition of the in-cosmetics Brasil Exhibition presents the world’s latest and best developments in cosmetics’ raw materials

The 2nd Edition of the in-cosmetics Brasil Exhibition presents the world’s latest and best developments in cosmetics’ raw materials

Exhibitors from over 20 countries will transform the 2nd edition of in-cosmetics Brasil into the platform for the biggest show of raw materials for the cosmetics market in Latin America. Visitors to the Blue Pavilion of Expo Center Norte in São Paulo September 30-01 October will see over 1,000 products for the production of cosmetics for skin, hair, nails and makeup.

Among the novelties being presented are products derived from a plant existing since the Ice Age which has unparalleled efficiency in protecting the skin from daily stress; a multifunctional butter of sacred significance to Buddhists that acts as deep hydration and strand repair, nourishing dry and damaged hair; a product that works to regenerate skin by combining ingredients that promote similar effects to the human placenta, a formulation that promises to mimic the composition of 22-year-old healthy skin, among others.

Below are some of the innovations to be presented by exhibitors at in-cosmetics Brasil 2015:


The Swiss Mibelle Biochemistry company presents the following active ingredient:

NUNATAK: The active ingredient is derived from a plant, the Saponaria pumila, whose hallmark is survival, thanks to the strength of its stem cells. The plant lives at the top of the rare ice-free parts of the Swiss mountains, zones called a Nunatak.
Saponaria pumila is a plant that has been around since the Ice Age and has outstanding properties and survival mechanisms to be able to successfully overcome the lack of food and water and an exposed environment.

Result: Remarkable rejuvenation, unparalleled ability to protect the skin from daily stress, protection of dermal stem cells against UV rays and also gives the skin a clean, fresh look all day.

The French Stéarinerie-Dubois company of vegetable and synthetic esters presents the following active ingredient at in-cosmetics Brasil 2015:

DUB shorea T: This is a multifunctional butter of sacred significance to Buddhists. It promotes facial care, preventing dry skin and the development of wrinkles. The active ingredient is also able to reduce cell degeneration and restore skin flexibility. Standout uses are anti-aging creams and nourishing creams for face and body.

Hair: Its use in hair care stands out. It acts in deep hydration and strand repair, giving shine and nutrition to dry and damaged hair.

Exhibitor: SARFAM

The company is showing Brightenyl® for the first time, at in-cosmetics Brasil 2015. This is the world’s first active ingredient that, through metagenomic research, introduces the stratum microbium, a new layer of skin that activates the bioactive, providing full uniform skin tone through seven fronts. Brightenyl® is a S.M.A.R.T. (Skin-Melanin-Active-Removal-Technology) developed via a platform of pharmaceutical research, where the active core (THBA) is optimized by a biotechnological process, generating a stable molecule that enables the creation of a new generation of products to meet the expectations of consumers.


The German company Eckart, leader in effect pigments technology, synthetic pearls, metalics, borosilicate and bronzes, presents the Syncrystal Supernova Gold pigment, which has the appearance of real gold. They stress its use in skin care and cosmetics with color, providing a sensational and aristocratic glossy appearance.

Exhibitor: DAMI

Perfection, safely – BIO Skin Regeneration – Placenta

This is the combination of 5 growth factors (EFG, IGF-1, acidic FGF, basic FGF, and VEGF) and amino acid and vitamins that have similar effects to that of the human placenta. Thanks to the synergy between the ingredients, it goes deeper to reduce wrinkles and provides the actual effect for skin regeneration.

Exhibitor: COSMOTEC

During the event, the company presents the NEOMIX EXPERIENCE trends package 2015-16 and further innovations in ingredients and suggested formulas for Hair Care, Makeup, Skin Care and Sun Care.

FC29114 Serum in Facial Oil – 22-year-old skin again

Velvety textured, light anti-aging facial treatment that promotes recovery of hydration, firmness and elasticity, ideal for mature skin. The serum in the oil provides softness without leaving a shine or a heavy sensorial feeling and contains a special emollient that restores lipids lost with aging, mimicking the composition of a healthy skin of a 22-year-old.

Event information:
in-cosmetics Brasil 2015 Exhibition
Date: 30 September-01 October
Venue: Expo Center Norte
São Paulo – Brasil
Timetable: 10h00-18h00

Press information:
Silvia Lourenço – Media Director
Bianca Assunção– PA
FocoPress Comunicação Corporativa
T.: +44 7771 681742 (Londres)
+55 11 3230 8174 (São Paulo)

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