Nanocellulose Focus Webinar: Green, raw material for sunscreen application

Nanocellulose Focus Webinar: Green, raw material for sunscreen application

Nanocellulose has been taking over the beauty and personal care world offering thickening, anti-wrinkle, sustainable, reduction of oiliness and many other effects that can be applied to cosmetics.

Rising concerns regarding the environment alongside market impetus for greater sustainability values are driving the demand for use of nanocellulose in personal care products, with the market for nanocellulose expected to grow from USD 297 million in 2020 to USD 783 million by 2025, at a CAGR of 21.3%.

Nanocellulose has proven itself to be an effective natural alternative to synthetic raw materials. Besides its environmentally-friendly features, it’s the extensive functions of the ingredient that comprise a real advantage for formulators. Properties include: highly absorbent, super strength, electrically-conductive, non-toxic, gas-impermeable, high tensile strength and lightness.

From hair, eyebrows and nail products to their very own packaging, the use case for nanocellulose are countless, with Asian companies now developing full lines of nanocellulose-based products. In fact, the market intelligence and advisory firm Mordor Intelligence see Asia Pacific as the fastest growing nanocellulose market in their most recent research.

Interested in deeper technical learnings about Nanocellulose? Here’s a 30-minute webinar session that’ll explore its benefits to skincare and suncare. The presentation will showcase a novel eco-friendly cosmetic raw material constructed from nanocellulose fibres, which has proven to hold large amounts of moisture and deliver a sun-boosting effect to the skin.

Key learning points:  

  • Formulating for skin health and tan-like effect
  • Making use of nanocellulose fibres and their large amounts of moisture

This is only one of the four sessions we’ll be hosting during The Science of K-Beauty Ingredients Day on 24 June. Learn all about each session, the ingredients you’ll discover and how to join on the event’s page here.


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