Encapsulated Cosmetics Focus Webinar: Introducing encapsulation soft pearl systems

Encapsulated Cosmetics Focus Webinar: Introducing encapsulation soft pearl systems

When the encapsulation of cosmetic ingredients trend originated, two words were most frequently used to describe its benefits: sustainable and effective.

Ceramide capsules were invented in 1990 but soon put aside due to consumers’ growing concern for environmental protection. Lately, we’ve been witnessing a shift in the use of “beauty capsules” with the implementation of naturally-derived, biodegradable casings, now transforming the market and allowing brands to uncover the full potential of encapsulated ingredients while being eco-friendly.

Now, “Korean Personal Care Encapsulating Materials Market was valued at $25,268 thousand in 2016 and is expected to reach $59,880 thousand by 2023, registering a CAGR of 10.9% during the forecast period”, according to the Allied Market Research. And colour cosmetics are projected to be the top investment in the personal care market in Korea due to its high rising demand.

The benefits of encapsulating active ingredients do not stop at eco-friendly claims. Besides allowing for deeper reach into the epidermis where special delivery systems would be required otherwise, the encapsulation can also fix instability issues as the active travels from the product to its human target and much more.

“The encapsulation of active ingredients prevents incompatibility between different materials or protects an active ingredient by its complete separation from the environment. For example, vitamins, polyphenols and flavonoids are protected against oxidative influences”, wrote the cosmetic news source cosmeticsbusiness.com.

Optimising efficiency is the main selling point for encapsulation as it concentrates the potency of the ingredient and removes the need for components that would minimize their strength, like fillers or stabilizers

Sustainable, cost-effective and powerful! Who doesn’t want a formulation working at full capacity? Join this 30-minute webinar session to see how easy it is to formulate with hard spheres and encapsulated soft pearls for skincare, personal care and make-up. These pearls will transfer any o/w emulsion and be mixed with actives for a variety of applications.

Let us share KPT’s 15-year experience with spherical, granular and support powder and uncover improving technology for your formulations.

Key learning points:  

  • Spherical, granular and support powder technologies for cosmetics
  • Mixing encapsulated soft pearls with actives for different applications
  • Using hard spheres for skincare

This is only one of the four sessions we’ll be hosting during The Science of K-Beauty Ingredients Day on 24 June. Learn all about each session, the ingredients you’ll discover and how to join on the event’s page here.

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