Pearlescent Pigments Focus Webinar: Innovative surface treatment technology to improve finished products

Pearlescent Pigments Focus Webinar: Innovative surface treatment technology to improve finished products

Running formulation stability tests provide manufacturers with crucial data about a product’s safety and shelf life. The results are useful both externally – by putting a high-quality product in the market – and internally when planning product development, lifecycle management and even inventory management.

Stability means successful finished products that endure environmental conditions and maintain functions for longer, meeting consumers’ needs for durable quality. A variety of techniques and ingredients can be used to guarantee stability.

Pearlescent pigments allow physical stability while enhancing the product’s appearance with its colour-change and crystal-like effects. The protection and aesthetical properties of the coated ingredient have been driving R&D professionals’ attention.

This developing interest is driving market growth worldwide. The Grand View Research predicts the pearlescent pigment market size across all industries to be worth $1.92 Billion by 2022. Demand “expected to reach 233.2 kilotons by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 4.4% from 2015 to 2022 with the Asia Pacific expected to witness the highest growth of 4.9%” in the same period.

Knowing now of such increased demand for pearlescent pigments are you thinking of incorporating them into your next product development? Do you know the particularities of how formulation stability can be reached through the use of coated pearl-gloss pigments? Join the demonstration on 24 June to discover the effects of those ingredients in emulsified cosmetic formulations such as BB and CC cream. Their vast benefits also allow for the improvement of lipstick quality.

Soleon will also highlight their novel Fluid Bed Coating with functional natural extracts. They are based on a low temperature or distilled extraction and designed to contain large amounts of valid ingredients, being easy to use in formulations due to their lack of dark colouration.

Key learning points:  

  • Formulation stability with coated pearl-gloss pigments
  • Improving BB cream, CC cream and lipstick quality
  • Novel Fluid Bed Coating process in addition to wet and dry coatings

This is only one of the four sessions we’ll be hosting during The Science of K-Beauty Ingredients Day on 24 June. Learn all about each session, the ingredients you’ll discover and how to join on the event’s page here.

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