Clean and green’ beauty movement propelling demand for P.A.N. beauty

Clean and green’ beauty movement propelling demand for P.A.N. beauty

The rising popularity of clean and green beauty is fuelling the growth of beauty brands from the Pacific Islands.

Stacey Fraser, concept development and innovator of Nature’s Blueprint Consultancy Services, told CosmeticsDesign-Asia ​that P.A.N. beauty is defined by the of nature the Pacific Islands as well as its ‘early adopter attitude’​.

“They are not afraid to fuse heritage with the modernism of the beauty industry. They are very much outdoor living people, so to be amongst nature and enjoying nature makes it easy to bring this into the personal care industry and be guardians and champions of our environment” ​ said Fraser.

This includes beauty brands such as Ethique from New Zealand, Frank Body and Go-to Skincare from Australia.

According to Fraser, the rising “clean and green” beauty trend was driving the demand for P.A.N. beauty in APAC.

“APAC has very discerning consumers. They want to know where product ingredients come from, with stories, pictures and places, and they only want the best quality ingredients and products.”

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Stacey Fraser, Concept Development and Innovator, Nature’s Blueprint Consultancy Services, will lead a session at in-cosmetics Asia 2019 on ‘P.A.N Beauty – Pacific Islands, Australia & New Zealand’ on Wednesday 6  November at 16:00 in the Marketing Trends Theatre. For more information on the in-cosmetics Asia 2019 education programme, visit:

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