Q&A with Clariant

Q&A with Clariant

Check out our 60 second interview with Clariant and discover what ingredients they are going to be showcasing at in-cosmetics Global this year!


What will Clariant be showcasing at in-cosmetics Global this year?

We’re concentrating on our stepped-up support for Personal Care.

We’ll reveal new trends set to impact the industry linked with inspirational formulations through our novel BeautyForward® platform. We’ve a new guide of extensive formulations for different parts of the body based on our five innovative GlucoTain® sugar surfactant solutions. We’re launching a nature-inspired haircare formulation concept for weak damaged and thinning hair. Plus, our new Active Ingredients Unit will be represented. We’ve just opened the Unit’s HQ in Toulouse, France, and are excited to mark our entry into the world of active ingredients with an in-cosmetics team debut.


Why Toulouse?

The unit is headquartered in the BioParc of Toulouse, with excellent facilities and access to state-of-the-art labs. We chose Toulouse because of its proximity to potential development partners and key customers in the cosmetics industry. In addition, in Toulouse you can find a lot of experts from the field of cosmetics, a high level of expertise in biotechnology, and promising young talents from excellent universities. This location will contribute to making our company a top player in this field.


What are your priorities for Active Ingredients?

The team’s priorities will be to extend Clariant’s existing portfolio of naturally-sourced products from BioSpectrum and Beraca with the future development of novel nature-inspired active ingredients. It has at its disposal pharmaceutical industry-standard laboratories for skin biology studies and testing, and biochemical laboratories where the focus will be on synthesizing unique outperforming molecules for unmet consumers’ needs.


Do you already have active ingredients ready to launch at in-cosmetics Global?

We do. Reflecting our ambition to be a trend setter in this market, the team will be introducing the first solution for indoor pollution control, called Eosidin™.

Indoor pollution is the accumulation of heavy metals and other materials inside your home. It triggers a lot of irritation processes and leads to atopic-prone skin conditions. Eosidin™, an extract of unripe citrus unshiu from Korea, specifically targets the process of skin irritation triggered by indoor pollution and drastically decreases bad skin effects.


Staying with trend-setting, what new trends have you discovered in BeautyForward?

The second edition of BeautyForward® focuses on four new trends which we think will have a deep impact on the beauty business in the coming year. CUSTOM centers on people looking for individuality and self-expression; ORIGIN emphasizes the desire to stay connected with trusted traditions and ingredients; REVIVE is all about exploring new possibilities and reinvented products; and BALANCE speaks to those who need to break free from routine by enriching themselves in an indulging escape.

Show visitors should come by our Booth JJ10 to really emerge themselves in the trends, market insights, consumer profiles and our formulation inspirations.


Within these formulations, are there new ingredients you think will become more mainstream this year?

The BeautyForward® formulations we’re unveiling at in-cosmetics offer an innovative take on the trends and will feature surprises for show visitors, with an emphasis on nature-inspired and less familiar ingredients being used in novel ways. We expect these to inspire future beauty innovations and help our customers to be one step ahead in their product development.


Finally, you mentioned a new nature-inspired haircare formulation concept. Is haircare an important segment for Clariant?

It is. To strengthen our presence in the global haircare community, we’ve just placed our first-ever Global Competence Center Haircare at the heart of the fastest growing haircare market – Brazil. It opened on February 15, 2017.

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