Q&A with ANGUS Chemical Company

Q&A with ANGUS Chemical Company

Read our 60 second interview with ANGUS Chemical Company and find out what they will showcasing at in-cosmetics Global in London this year and what they think will be the next biggest trend in the cosmetics industry…

1) What will you be showcasing at in-cosmetics® Global this year?

ANGUS Chemical Company will be highlighting the multifunctional benefits of our ULTRA PC™ portfolio of amino alcohols in several new and exciting VersaSTYLE™ personal care formulation prototypes. These formulation prototypes were developed by the ANGUS Personal Care application team in Paris, and utilize our proprietary AMP-ULTRA™ PC, AMPD ULTRA PC™ and TRIS AMINO™ ULTRA PC neutralizers. ANGUS’ globally compliant neutralizers optimize performance for a broad array of personal care and cosmetics applications, including:


  • Hair care and styling – Excellent for hair gels, sprays and dyes, as superior alkalinizing agents, and are compatible with most fixative resins
  • Color Cosmetics – Ideal for mascara, lipsticks and powders, plus perform great in hypoallergenic formulations
  • Skin care – Preferred in wide array of skin care and eye care products, are ideal buffers and solubilizers, and have superior mildness for hypoallergenic formulations


2) What are you most looking forward to at in-cosmetics Global 2017?

The in-cosmetics Global event gives us the opportunity to educate the market on the performance benefits of incorporating our globally-compliant neutralizers into their product formulations. Our chemistries show better pH buffering properties and alcohol compatibility when compared to inorganic bases, and also demonstrate excellent color stability with low odor levels. In addition, ANGUS ULTRA PC™-grade products offer universal cosmetic acceptability and are compliant with the most recent Cosmetics Directives on secondary amine and nitrosamine content of raw materials used in the manufacture of cosmetics and personal care products.


3) What are the greatest challenges currently facing the cosmetic industry?

The constant challenge for the cosmetics industry is meeting ever-changing consumer trends. Another notable challenge we see is that as demand for cosmetics keeps growing, especially in the Asia and Latin American markets, brand owners are faced with introducing new products to meet geographically distinct beauty identities and trends for both men and women. For example, hair products specific for Brazil, or color cosmetics and skin treatments specific for China. That’s why ANGUS has made significant investments in building out our capabilities and expertise in five regional Customer Application Centers (CAC) around the world. These centers bring technology and formulation expertise to a local level to provide the best solution for customers.


4) What do you believe will be the next big trend to gain traction?

Brand owners are increasingly looking for ingredients suppliers like ANGUS to better support their commitment to developing new formulations that meet the market trends and demands in regional markets. ANGUS recently reaffirmed our commitment to European customers by bringing together world-class technical services and regulatory expertise in a new Customer Application Center in Paris. Local and regional customers will be able to work side-by-side with ANGUS to expedite innovation that will bring new and exciting products to market. Whether it’s helping formulate away from traditional caustic or TEA systems with our gentle TRIS AMINO™ neutralizers, or providing full transparency in our fully integrated supply chain all the way back to raw materials, we are well-positioned to support our customers’ goals.


Matthieu Perdon, Regional Marketing Manager, Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), ANGUS Chemical Company

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