Q&A with Dow

Q&A with Dow

In a 60 second interview with Dow they tell us what they are most looking forward to at in-cosmetics Global this year…


What are you most looking forward to at in-cosmetics Global 2017?

For Dow, it will mark the launch of our LabSense initiative on the global stage and we’re naturally looking forward to sharing our ideas with our customers and visitors. LabSense is an open collaboration model designed with a strong purpose to accelerate innovation in the personal care market.


How do you expect this new open collaboration model to impact our industry?

We believe that access to finished product concepts and demonstrations based on our premium ingredients, and a constant pulse on consumer trends, will enable brand owners to address demands quicker, more efficiently, and more sustainably.


Can you give us a sense of how brand owners will collaborate with you through LabSense?

Through LabSense, Dow offers personal care brand owners the opportunity to gain access to state-of-the-art finished product concepts designed to address the latest consumer trends. To this purpose, LabSense leverages critical mass and technical expertise through three pillars. “My Experts” provides access to our expansive R&D and helps brand owners bring differentiated products to market faster. At in-cosmetics Global 2017, this pillar includes, for example, expertise in formulating high-performing and creative sun care products, insights how silicones deliver benefits for damaged hair repair, and know-how regarding silicone and organic film forming solutions. Through close collaboration, LabSense gives access to our full suite of ingredient support options including innovation sessions for collaborative projects, access to Dow’s long-term innovation and short-term enhancement programs, as well as technologies previews.


What are the other two pillars of LabSense in addition to “My Experts”?

Under “My Heroeswe combine Dow | Dow Corning premium ingredients with formulation knowledge to help brand owners stand out in new applications. At in-cosmetics Global we will showcase six innovative product concepts in skin and facial care as well as cleansing. And lastly, through the “My Trends” aspect of LabSense, we are tapping into consumer insights and expertise from our 6,300 researchers located around the world. Access to our leading product stewardship experts, latest sustainability trend data, and up-to-date regional consumer research enables brand owners to precisely address consumer trends with enhanced formulations. One program under “My Trends” is our TRENDSLAB, a collection of formulations and products that are directly tied to research on tomorrow’s beauty trends.

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