Developing high-impact beauty concepts

Developing high-impact beauty concepts

Current market analysis techniques can effortlessly zero in on deliverables for a product concept. As a matter of fact, you can piece together an idea for a new product, send it out through a survey on the internet and end up with your development road map laid out in front of you. Although these testing methods offer great value, concepts for new beauty products often miss the mark as a result of human factors like instinct and imagination being overlooked.

Concept development is the birthing spot for ideas and thoughts that are explored and tried on for size to see if there is a fit. But that’s not all. It requires taking what you envision, connecting the dots, and creating something tangible for consumer use.

Yes, we need technology and ingredients, packaging and claims to get to a finished product. Yet, creativity is key – combining innovative ideas with digital technology and tests to bring a product to life.

There are several crucial questions to ask yourself when creating a high-impact concept that will stand apart from the competition:

  1. What makes the concept unique?
  2. Does the product fill a white space in the product collection?
  3. Will it compete with current products on the market?
  4. Can the high-level technology be communicated at the consumer level?
  5. Have you created a sensorial and experiential reality for the consumer with the product?

Developing a meaningful beauty concept is all about imagination. It’s asking what if we did this? How about we try that? It’s about putting yourself in the shoes of the consumer to ensure your product will add value to their lifestyle. You have the opportunity to influence many people with your product – why not make it really count?

Cherie Buziak is CEO and Founder of BeautyEdge LLC, a beauty product development and advisory consultancy that helps companies bring products to market with speed, creativity, and impact.

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Cherie Buziak, Founder of BeautyEdge LLC, is a cosmetic product development marketer, licensed esthetician, and publisher. She has a deep understanding of beauty product consumers and how to relate to them. Cherie‘s beauty industry experience and her eye for innovation enable her to leverage product impact for companies seeking an edge in the marketplace. BeautyEdge assignments include Amala Skincare, Amway, StriVectin, Skinfix, Bath & Body Works, Coty, Paris Presents, DDF, Noxzema, Omni Aesthetics, Rx for Brown Skin, and collaborative business development with in-cosmetics North America. Cherie previously worked with the innovation teams for global skincare and color cosmetics for Avon Products. Cherie is an active member of New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists and Cosmetic Executive Women. Contact Cherie at:

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