Brazil’s Sophisticated Consumption

In addition to being one of the greatest consumers of the toiletries, fragrance and cosmetics (HPPC) products in the world, Brazil has moved up the rankings in another universe, one usually reserved for a select few. According to Euromonitor Brazil is currently 15th in global consumption of products considered premium.

This claim is also made in a study conducted recently by Mintel into Brazilian spending habits. The research highlighted that 42% of middle-class and AB consumers consumed more HPPC products in 2013 than in 2012, giving a 12% boost to the sector’s turnover. The growth is mainly a reflection of increased sales of items with a greater aggregated value.

The hair segment, a standout segment in the Brazilian consumer market, has also seen a change. Within HPPC products, hair is the sector that has most increased in sophistication of consumption, that is, there has been more purchasing of items with a greater aggregated value and of a generally higher price.

The same Mintel study showed that conditioners (leave-in, rinse-out or treatment masks) and more sophisticated moisturizing, repair or anti-frizz products are the engines driving growth in this area. We can suppose that women, with higher incomes than they had in the past, are more likely to be using these products.

Deodorants feature in most Brazilians’ daily routine (95% of the population says it uses these) and have been under pressure to be recyclable and have greater production values. Spray formats, such as the squeeze or pump dispensers, for instance, have lost ground to the roll-on and the aerosol. The research shows how the companies specializing in the middle classes have expanded and renewed themselves with products in different formats in response to consumer preference.

Generally speaking, Brazilians have changed their purchasing habits. A study into Brazilian behavior conducted by the Boston Consulting Group showed consumer sophistication was a feature throughout the different income sectors. The public is refining its choices of items such as perfumes, household appliances and electronic goods.

Expectations are that the preference for sophistication will make up 600 billion reais in Brazilian consumption by 2020. The population can and is more willing to buy higher quality products. As Brazilians are such fervent consumers of HPPC products, the trend for this sector too will be the increasing favoring of sophistication. It is no longer enough to know what the Brazilians want to consume. We have to know how much they are prepared to spend to attain better results.  

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