POPTIDE™: Organizing Skintropy

POPTIDE™: Organizing Skintropy

Poptide™, is a cyclic peptide that modulates skintropy, the chaos present in our skin caused by aging and external factors. Aging is the main reason for endoplasmatic reticulum stress and chaperones’ decrease, thus the appearance of misfolded proteins.

Poptide™ proved to minimize misfolded proteins by increasing the main chaperones of ER, and so the unfolded Protein Response. This results in breaking the Wrinkles Daily Cycle (evening wrinkles are more pronounced than morning ones), where Poptide™ is able to improve its appearance cycle by cycle.


  • Modulating skintropy
  • Refolding proteins 
  • Breaking Wrinkle Daily Cycle

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Dr. Ariadna Grau-Campistany
R&D Applications Manager , R&D Manager, Lipotrue

Dr. Grau-Campistany is part of the R&D Management at LipoTrue, a fast growing and high technology company that specialises in active ingredients, involving a team of experts with strong know-how in the fields of cosmetics, skin biology and state-of-the-art technologies, amongst others.

Having graduated with a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Barcelona, Spain, Ariadna has extensive expertise in the field of chemistry and biochemistry, especially peptides and proteins and the development of final products and active ingredients for cosmetic application. Her strong scientific background in this field is evident as seen in several publications and patents.


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