V/WA™: The complete vertically integrated active ingredient

V/WA™: The complete vertically integrated active ingredient

Innovation can emerge from the mechanism of action, the origin, or even the technology used to obtain them. But what if we discover a new microorganism?

V/WA™ is a fully vertical integrated product obtained from the fermentation of a new identified strain, Alteromonas lipotrueae, which was first collected from the surface of the most stinging jellyfish in the Mediterranean, Pelagianoctiluca.

V/WA™ has shown to modulate several steps of the neuron-muscle communication helping to relax both static and dynamic wrinkles. Halal, Cosmos and Vegan certified.


  • Static & dynamic wrinkles
  • Neuritogenesis
  • Vertical integrated product

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Silvia Pastor, PhD
Head of Scientific Research & Business Development, LipoTrue

Dr. Pastor works in development at LipoTrue, a high technology company for the development of active ingredients in cosmetics, involving a team of experts with strong know-how in the fields of skin biology and state-of-the-art technologies.

Having graduated in Biochemistry with a PhD in Experimental Immunopathology in collaboration with UTSW Medical Center (USA), Silvia has a wide knowledge of cell culture and tissue regeneration and more than 13 years’ experience in R&D Management & the Business Development of active ingredients for cosmetic applications.

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