An introduction to the 5 new beauty tribes

An introduction to the 5 new beauty tribes

Stylus’ senior beauty editor, Lisa Payne introduces us to the 5 new beauty consumer tribes that brands need to know about to stay relevant.

Listen to this in-cosmetics Global Virtual Conference session and find out how understanding the tribes can further your business and position your brand as a driving force in the ever-changing beauty landscape.


Lisa Payne, Senior Beauty Editor, Stylus
Lisa Payne
Senior Beauty Editor, Stylus

Stylus are experts in trends intelligence, equipping the most forward-thinking brands and agencies with the creative insights they need to make transformative business decisions.

As Stylus’ Senior Beauty Editor, Lisa tracks the latest innovations in beauty product development from around the world. With more than nine years’ experience in trend forecasting journalism, she provides analysis on emerging shifts in the industry, key consumer groups and future-focused directives.

Lisa travels internationally presenting trends, as well as moderating and sharing insights on industry and consumer-facing panels and round-tables.

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