Zinc Ascorbate – 3 in 1 from DR. PAUL LOHMANN GMBH & CO. KGAA

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Zinc Ascorbate is an innovative and fully reacted mineral salt meeting three essential properties of skincare: anti-microbial, anti-aging effect and skin protection.

Anti-microbial: recent preservative stress test data shows a significant reduction of antimicrobial activity in E. coli, P. aeruginosa, S. aureus, C. albicans and A. brasiliensis comparable with the benchmark Zinc PCA.
Anti-aging agent: ascorbic acid is known as antioxidant and as a critical factor for collagen synthesis.

Skin protectant: topical ascorbic acid has been reported to improve photodamaged skin. Moreover, Zinc and Vitamin C showed wound healing and anti-acne effects due to their well-described anti-inflammatory properties.


Name:Zinc Ascorbate – 3 in 1
INCI Name:Zinc Ascorbate
Category:Active Ingredient, Skincare – leave on
Product Type:Anti-acne, Anti-ageing, Anti-wrinkle, Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-irritants, Soothing agents, Antioxidants, Radical scavengers

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