The skin-whitening market as it goes global

At in-cosmetics Asia in 2015, Julia Wray, Editor of SPC Magazine, looked at an overview of global skin-whitening market.

The presentation will begin with an overview of the whitening products market at present in East Asian countries, analysing trends like the move from a ‘porcelain white’ complexion to a ‘rosy glow’ or ‘peachy’ complexion; the incorporation of whitening claims with hydrating/anti-ageing, etc in multi-functional products; the incorporation of whitening claims into trending product categories and sub-categories, including masks, carbonated products, nutricosmetics, sun protection, etc, and whitening claims for body parts, like underarm whiteners, body BB creams, etc.
It will then discuss how the trend for whitening has been adopted and adapted by manufacturers targeting other regions, including Africa, Europe and the US and how these regions’ market needs differ from Asian ones, for example the use of terms like ‘brightening’ or ‘dark spot removal’.

Finally, the presentation will look at the latest generation of ingredients on the market for manufacturers of whitening ingredients and the opportunities for new marketing strategies this may present. It will also run through how regulations in key markets like Europe the US and China can restrict the sale of products containing certain skin lightening ingredients/levels of ingredients, and the efficacy claims that such products can make. And other issues affecting this segment of the industry in particular, such as the proliferation of products containing illegal levels of hydroquinone in certain markets.

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Video taken at in-cosmetics Asia – The leading exhibition and conference in Asia for personal care ingredients – takes place in Bangkok in November – more info at

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