Silvia Pastor on ‘Decoding wrinkles: A journey following the northern lights’

Silvia Pastor on ‘Decoding wrinkles: A journey following the northern lights’

Silvia Pastor, Business Development Manager at Lipoture, discusses her upcoming seminar ‘Decoding wrinkles: A journey following the Northern Lights,’ which will take place at in-cosmetics Global 2018 in Amsterdam.

Why is Greenland and this part of the Earth in general such a good place to look for potential new chemistries?

Greenland is one of the most vast and unexplored islands in the world, and therefore in its surrounding waters there is an endless number of potential new chemistries.

Greenland is located within the Auroral Zone, making it one of the most exceptional natural wonders, where you can feel the northern breeze on your skin.

From an Arctic expedition, in collaboration with a research institute, a microorganism was found in these international waters at 2,700m depth. From this marine source a novel active ingredient has been developed with outstanding cosmetics efficacies.

Is 2,700m the deepest you have found microorganisms of interest?

Actually last year we launched during in-cosmetics Global in London Sirtalice, an active ingredient from a microorganism found near the Reunion island at 3,400m and 1.5ºC. Sirtalice offers a recharging revolutionary V-lifting effect in 30 minutes with long lasting efficacies.

Moreover, LipoTrue in collaboration with research institutes has more than 20,000 different microorganisms at our disposal to study its potential cosmetic activities. Some of these microorganism were collected from unexplored or novel marine sources such as halophyte plants, extreme marine enviroments, and there are yet more sources to be unveiled.

How are these microoganisms harvested/cultivated?

Microorganims were originally collected and then fermented through a fermentation process in a reactor at optimal conditions where parameters as agitation, temperature, oxygen level and pH are monitored. Afterwards, the ferment is purified and the active ingredient is obtained.

Can you tell us a little about the mechanism of activity on the skin?

This active ingredient has shown to highly increase extracellular matrix components, such as collagens, elastin and hyaluronan.

Moreover, it has shown to protect ECM components from Blue light, protecting skin from digital ageing pollution. This unique active ingredient from an unexplored source has proved to have an excellent smoothing and firming effect, restoring skin’s natural glow while protecting skin from digital pollution.

Silvia Pastor, Business Development Manager at Lipotrue, will be speaking on ‘Decoding wrinkles: A journey following the northern lights’ at Technical Seminars Theatre 1 on Tuesday, 17th April at 16.10 at in-cosmetics Global in Amsterdam.

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