Natural active ingredients: A trend for all

Natural active ingredients: A trend for all

By Natasha Spencer, Editor, Cosmetics Design Asia

As healthy lifestyles positively influence the rise in the natural active ingredient segment, marketing promotions, next generation materials and leading Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions are all contributing to its growth.

2017: Natural colours, contents and campaigns

While it is true that natural is a core cosmetics trend this summer, with make up buyers opting for subtle, fresh and low-maintenance shades and applications, this natural love is not just the result of beauty trends. Instead, it extends to the use of active ingredients, where natural plant and vegetables are proving a popular choice with formulators.

Sustainability initiatives and social endeavours are a staple of multinational companies, while SMEs are incorporating healthy and ethical messages into their marketing narratives to appeal to health, wellbeing and environmentally-conscious shoppers.

Naturals 2.0

As the naturals segment evolves its niche offering, next generation materials are a priority for research and development professionals and formulators, as synthetic materials are considered synonymous with skin irritation and allergies.

Natural alternatives with extracts such as vegetable oil, on the other hand, are appealing to shoppers. Market research company, Frost & Sullivan, reveals how “biocompatible, cost-effective cosmetics with extended shelf lives” are on the up.

As a result, preservatives such as nanomaterials and antimicrobials are being explored to maximise the stability and reliability of highly reactive ingredients.

Healthy APAC lifestyles

Both natural and organic-rooted brands and existing companies that are diversifying their product portfolios to highlight the benefits of natural cosmetics and personal care ranges are emerging from several leading regions within APAC.

In an exclusive interview with Jorge Larranaga, Senior Manager of the Manufacturing Division of  Number Three in Japan — the first Japanese cosmetics company to achieve GMP, halal and COSMOS certification — he revealed how the market is experiencing a boost as consumers are equally concerned about both the environment and the “perceived effect this has on health”.

Larranaga also emphasised how rising awareness relating to the importance of healthy food in Japan has led to a “transition from healthy food habits to customer care”.

Promoting healthy lifestyles has dominated marketing campaigns and purchasing decisions for several years. First, its was food and drink, now it is making the shift into cosmetics and personal care, with health and wellbeing concerns affecting elements of our daily beauty routine.

As living a healthy lifestyle is the number one goal and aspiration for Indian consumers, it is perhaps unsurprisingly that this correlate with the increasingly-popular naturals trend, as active beauty becomes part of this wider wellbeing message.

Natural extracts marketing trends

For brands marketing natural-based cosmetics goods, before and after images are proving fruitful. Visually displaying the benefits of using natural active ingredients on the skin effectively engages buyers, a report by Kline Group reveals.

Gary Scattergood, Editor-in-Chief of Cosmetics Design Asia, will deliver a spotlight on natural extracts on Tuesday 31st October 2017 from 15.00 – 15.45, highlighting the segment’s latest insights, industry developments and key marketing trends.

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