in-cosmetics Asia star product: Elixiance™ biofunctional by Ashland

A natural and sustainable ingredient derived from the Peruvian pink pepper tree, Elixiance™ biofunctional is rich in phytoantioxidants, quercitrin and miquelianin. Containing a unique combination of antioxidants and highly active flavonols, the ingredient addresses epigenetics, providing the basis for pollution-shielding effects (in vitro, ex vivo), purifying effects with oil control (in vivo), pore refining (in vivo) and age-perfecting with less visible wrinkles (in vivo) and smoothness (in vivo) for overall fresher, younger-looking skin. Considered a panacea by the Incas, schinus molle leaf extract from the “Tree of Life” is today associated with skin benefits that aim at skin protection and ageperfection.

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