The Body Shop expansion, J-Beauty launch, Korean packaging plant

The Body Shop expansion, J-Beauty launch, Korean packaging plant

Heritage and indie brands unveil skincare developments and launches, with J&J continuing its introduction of Vivvi & Bloom and a new vitamin c-led product emerging. Delivery is a big focus too. The Body Shop rolls out its growing presence on Uber Eats, a new Japanese beauty platform emerges bringing more products to US consumers and Toly introduces its new Korean beauty packaging facility.

In our bi-weekly cosmetics and personal care round-up, we look at the latest global industry news, trends and launches.

Johnson & Johnson solidifies category presence with baby and toddler brand

Personal care company Johnson & Johnson (J&J) launches its skincare and haircare line for babies and toddlers, Vivvi & Bloom. Teaming up with parents and caregivers, J&J sought to create a simple and purposeful collection to help make baby care routines easier.

J&J sought feedback from their target consumer group, Millennial and Gen-Z parents and caregivers. The personal care name focused its new brand Vivvi & Bloom on three key attributes they said they look for the most from their baby care purchases: Simplicity, proven products and positivity. The brand’s initial product collection launch comprises a 2-In-1 wash and shampoo cleansing gel, a 2-In-1 face and body whip lotion and a 2-In-1 scalp and body massage oil.

When formulating its new range, J&J states it chose simple and nature-inspired ingredients. The line’s wash items include tear-free formulas and the range is vegan, hypoallergenic, pH-balanced and not tested on animals. Vivvi & Bloom products have been verified by the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

Responding to consumer demand for functional products, J&J says its Vivvi & Bloom line is clinically proven as gentle and safe on all skin tones and hair types, following research into its three-product collection with parents. The brand also states its products are paediatrician-tested, dermatologist-tested and ophthalmologist-tested.

Vivvi & Bloom has teamed up with Newborns In Need as part of its launch. The US-based charity helps look after babies through volunteers who provide care and resources to agencies and hospitals that help premature, ill or impoverished infants.

Japanese beauty platform Shikō Beauty launches in the US

Mitsui & Co has unveiled its Shikō Beauty digital space and launched to bring Japanese beauty, or J-Beauty, to US consumers. In designing the platform, Shikō Beauty seeks to offer tested and curated beauty products that convey Japanese rituals with proven ingredients.

Launching in the US in 2022, it strives to provide consumers with skincare brands, products and technologies that are unavailable or difficult to locate in the US beauty market. With the desire to accelerate Japanese-inspired beauty in the US, Mitsui’s Beauty Personal Care Group provides raw materials, technologies and discoveries to beauty brands through its platform. It houses a curated collection of beauty brands from Japan on its direct-to-consumer (D2C) platform, Shikō Beauty Collective.

J-Beauty skincare routines revolve around cleansing, moisturising and protecting the skin. Shikō Beauty’s platform has been developed to offer guidance, education and a curated, beauty selection, created by product expert Hinako Sugioka.

Pre-pandemic, Made in Japan brands saw a 25% increase in US launches over five years, Mitsui & Co found, spurring the brand to bring J-Beauty to US shoppers via a digital platform.

“Americans, especially younger Americans, are profoundly craving simpler pleasures, thoughtful self-care routines, reduced waste, slow beauty and a ‘less is more’ approach to skincare that achieves their desired results,” says Jim Berkrot, Vice President, Marketing at Mitsui & Co.’s US Beauty Personal Care Group.

Toly expands manufacturing with new Korean plant

Beauty packaging manufacturer Toly has grown its production capabilities in Asia by opening a new plant in South Korea. The manufacturing facility contains the Malta-based company’s Aoki stretch injection blow moulding machines. The equipment is used to produce PET (polyethylene terephthalate) jars and bottles for the beauty industry.

The development and building of the new beauty hub took place within 18 months. Toly’s vertically-integrated facility provides injection moulding capabilities, finishing operations including metallisation and inside coating and automated assembly that can take place in-house.

Toly’s Aoki stretch injection blow moulding machines produce PET jars and bottles for the beauty industry. PET, a type of resin and polyester that is recyclable, is an increasingly popular material used in today’s beauty and personal care packaging as producers seek more sustainable options.

The plant sits alongside Toly Korea’s existing manufacturing units. These facilities specialise in bottles and jars, cushion compacts, droppers, dispensers and loose powder containers. In recent years, Toly has also expanded its operations in airless packaging by transferring to a new 20,000 square metre facility that centres on pump manufacturing.

Andy Gatesy, Chairman & CEO of Toly Products, explains more about the company’s new beauty packaging facility in its recent company video.

Neostrata introduces new vitamin C-based skincare approach

US-based dermatology brand, Neostrata, unveils its latest serum skincare product, targeting uneven skin tone and dark spots. Its new 15% Vitamin C + PHA Serum formulation has been designed to provide multiple actions when applied to the user’s skin. It blends clinically-proven antioxidants with exfoliating polyhydroxy acid to help lessen visible skin discolouration and protect it against external environmental aggressors.

Vitamin C is the brand’s hero ingredient. Neostrata’s new formulation contains 15% of vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) that penetrates the skin’s surface, brightening the appearance of skin discolourations. The formula also comprises 2% gluconolactone (PHA), designed to gently exfoliate the skin’s surface and enable vitamin C absorption. Additionally, it contains 1% feverfew extract to boost the skin’s naturally occurring antioxidants, along with green tea extract which aims to enhance vitamin c antioxidant capacity.

Neostrata conducted a clinical study of its serum on all skin tones. After one week, 100% of participants noted improvement in skin texture with once-a-day use, stating it was smoother than before using the product. In addition, the brand reports that 98% of participants asked said their skin’s complexion was brighter, more radiant and their skin tone was enhanced. Following the study’s results, the skincare brand states its new release is a clinically proven formula that gently exfoliates for brighter and more radiant skin in one week.

Talking about the new serum’s formula, Ritamarie Guerrero, Manager of Neostrata Research and Development, says: “It takes a holistic approach to skin brightening by combining multi-mechanistic benefits including antioxidant protection and surface exfoliation.”

The Body Shop and Uber expand on-demand delivery

Global beauty brand The Body Shop and leading taxi and delivery company Uber have increased the rollout of their on-demand service to 75 stores in the US. Operating through Uber Eats, consumers will be able to access same-day delivery on The Body Shop’s range of beauty and personal care products.

The duo’s expansion marks the latest milestone since the pair launched their partnership in 2020 with six pilot locations via the Uber Eats and Cornershop apps, offering products from across the company’s skincare line, body care and haircare lines. The growth of its partnerships means that almost all of the beauty brand’s US retail stores now have a presence on the Uber Eats app.

“Beauty is an exciting space for us, and expanding with The Body Shop, a beauty industry staple for over 40 years, will allow us to bring on-demand cosmetic and personal care items to even more people across the country,” said Christian Freese, head of New Verticals for Uber Eats in the US & Canada.

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