Amorepacific develops e-skin, multi-million dollar packaging investment, personalised haircare

Amorepacific develops e-skin, multi-million dollar packaging investment, personalised haircare

New skincare findings from Korea see Amorepacific use semiconductors to create chip-less and wireless electronic skin. Korean brand AXIS-Y has teamed up with its skincare community to land on its latest line. Glass vial cosmetics packaging capabilities get an upgrade in the US, with a multi-million dollar production investment. New wellness and personalised haircare launches appeal to consumers’ ever-present focus on their health and wellbeing.

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Amorepacific develops electronic skin enabled by semiconductors

South Korean beauty and cosmetics company, Amorepacific, unveils its chip-less and wireless wearable electronic skin (e-skin), which is designed to be sweatproof and continuously monitor changes to the skin over long periods.

In collaboration with Professor Kim Jeehwan at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Amorepacific reveals its latest development, which it hails as the world’s first of its kind. The release follows four years of research by Professor Kim’s MIT engineering research team and researchers at Amorepacific’s R&I Center in Korea.

Amorepacific created the e-skin using epitaxial freestanding compound semiconductors that are housed in a breathable patch. These patches are patterned with artificial human sweat ducts so sweat can permeate through while avoiding skin irritation and ensuring the patch remains on the skin. The company’s e-skin also strives to support skin monitoring and data transmission without needing to use integrated circuit chips or batteries.

Following its e-skin research, the duo hopes the patches will enable long-term wearability and power-efficient wireless communication modules with sensitive sensors that do not require bulky chips or batteries. When worn, Amorepacific states its new development has been proven to accurately measure the person’s skin in demanding environments. The company hopes its e-skin creation will advance the development of cosmetics that can withstand harsh climatic conditions.

“What kickstarted this research was a question nagging one of our researchers while on a flight, wondering whether it would be possible to accurately measure how dry and sensitive our skin gets at 35,000ft,” says Park Young-Ho, Head R&I Centre, Amorepacific. “This remarkable scientific achievement has played a major role in raising the bar in skin research, with findings and ongoing data that will help us develop new products across all our brands, including Sulwhasoo,” adds Young-Ho.

Gerresheimer invests in multi-million US production facility

Beauty solutions provider, Gerresheimer, announced it will invest up to $94 million (€94.8 mn) in rapidly expanding its glass packaging operations. The capital injection will be used to grow its manufacturing, supply and logistics capabilities for glass vial production in the US.

Marking a significant expansion in the North American market, the US Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) will support the Gerresheimer project. The Authority, which is part of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) at the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), will create new vial forming lines, including dimensional inspection, annealing, cosmetic inspection and packaging.

BARDA has agreed to give up to approximately $66 million (€66.6 mn) to Gerresheimer for this project, which forms part of its wider global expansion plan.

Installation of the new vial forming lines will take place in the existing North Carolina manufacturing facility and is expected to significantly increase the annual production capacity of glass vials in the US. A new warehouse and new offices are also part of the expansion plan.

Gerresheimer aims to source most of its raw material supplies from the US domestic market to increase responsiveness, dependability, quality and domestic supply chain integration in its packaging production process. As part of the upgrades and expansion, the company plans to implement certain sustainable design principles, including energy efficiency measures, stormwater management compliance requirements and waste reduction.

AXIS-Y launches new probiotic skincare range

Korean skincare brand AXIS-Y reveals the launch of its new product collection, ay&me. After two years in the making, the self-proclaimed community-focused brand announces the launch of its latest line, which features probiotic ingredients.

When initially devising its new product range, AXIS-Y sought input from over 1000 influencers from 68 countries. In reaching out to its community, the brand sought to create a skincare line that reflects its target consumers’ needs and wants. Part of the research and development (R&D) process involved understanding how different skin types react in different climates. AXIS-Y undertook multiple surveys, sample testing and obtained consumer feedback from 50 participants and three skincare influencers.

The brand’s product line features a five-probiotic complex that strives to improve the skin’s natural biome, strengthen the skin barrier and promote healthy and radiant skin. AXIS-Y states it also chose specific ingredients such as Adenosine in its three products to boost collagen synthesis and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Strands Hair Care unveils new personalised haircare

Hair testing and precision formulation brand, Strands Hair Care, introduces The Hair Lab, a new and inclusive line of customised haircare products. Combining technology and science, the brand selects haircare products by analysing consumers’ unique hair strands. Using the handheld Strands Smart Scanner or online Strands Test, The Hair Lab analyses consumers’ hair in real-time and recommends a customised haircare routine.

Strands Hair Care states its test-first model reflects the complexity and diversity of hair needs and the variety of influences that affect consumers’ hair, including hair texture, scalp type, treatments and environmental conditions that require customisation.

“Pioneered by Strands, our model won’t just change how you design, co-create, and interact with customised products, but how you actually perceive your own hair, which has never been accomplished at scale yet,” says Eric Delapenha, Founder & CEO, The Hair Lab.

The brand has partnered with retail giant Walmart to bring the concept nationwide in the US. In developing its new range, Strands Hair Care states it can provide over 1000 personalised combinations. The Hair Lab aims to give consumers a haircare routine unique to their hair strands, delivering results for all hair types, textures and styles. The brand’s line will initially contain ten custom doses, three base shampoos tailored to scalp type and three base conditioners specific to hair texture.

GNC and The Honest partner on new wellness launch

Health and wellness brand, GNC, furthers its collaboration with personal care name, The Honest Company, by entering into an exclusive retail partnership.

With its online and in-store retail collaboration, GNC is launching four new supplements from Honest, which include three for overall wellness and one for postpartum. GNC will launch the four new products, which focus on sleep health, mood balance, immune support and postnatal hair wellness, on its website and in select stores. The latest release adds to the duo’s existing range to form a ten-product collection geared to support consumer wellbeing.

The two companies first partnered in May 2022 to recognise National Women’s Health Month with the release of six products primarily for new and expectant mothers.

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