Formal Matrices in Cosmetology

Formal Matrices in Cosmetology

Wallace César Porto Magalhães, Pró G9 Tecnologia da Informação

The development and regularisation of a new cosmetic product is a relatively complex activity, although it is not always seen in this way. Nowadays, technological advances, regulatory obligations and a very competitive market mean that this process goes far beyond laboratory work. It is no longer possible to develop a successful product by only following simplistic or basic work only. For success, it is necessary to establish an operational configuration that meets all the requirements involved because an incomplete process can lead to poor results, including negative financial impacts.

First, we must acknowledge that the most essential part of R&D work is the generation of information. Certainly, there will be the use and handling of materials and samples, but when generating technology for a new product, R&D creates information on several levels, with differing aims and objectives based on the information received. This means it is necessary to have a structure that is able to receive, store, process, generate and protect information.

In order to conduct development and regulatory processes efficiently, it is not enough to have a good laboratory structure and information management. The professionals involved should have full view of the process. For example, it will be necessary to know the relationships of each stage and be aware of their implications. It is also easy to see the need to align the roles of R&D and regulatory affairs in a way that complements each other. If this is done correctly, the time, cost and quality gains will be worth it.

Using a specific formal matrix to guide this work is the best way to create efficient and productive operating conditions. This also simplifies its management of the process as the definitions and concepts are clear and aligned, in logical and chronological order. It shows all relationships clearly and directly, elucidating the process as a whole, reducing execution time and cost, and eliminating rework.

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