AI-enhanced personal care: revolutionizing beauty through innovation and ethics

AI-enhanced personal care: revolutionizing beauty through innovation and ethics

Cosmetics New Zealand recently hosted an AI Bootcamp facilitated by Frances Valentine of AcademyEX in Auckland, NZ.

This AI Bootcamp was like opening a door to a new dimension where technology meets personal care.

The attendees hailing from different corners of the personal care industry (brand owners, product designers, cosmetic chemists, manufacturing, sales and marketing), gathered with one common goal: to explore the realms of artificial intelligence and its potential to revolutionize our field.

Imagine a tool that not only complements your work but also propels it into new realms of creativity and efficiency.

That’s AI for you in the personal care industry.

It’s not just another tech buzzword; it’s a game-changer that is rapidly transforming how we approach everything from product development to customer interaction.

For starters, the art of working with AI is a skill within itself. Knowing how to communicate with this technology, to ‘prompt’ it effectively, is crucial.

We learned that the more precise and informative our prompts, the better AI can serve our needs. And yes, there’s such a thing as ‘prompt engineers’ – specialists who craft these inquiries to perfection, ensuring that the outcome is as close to our vision as possible.

During the Bootcamp, we dived into various applications of AI, from generating stunning visuals for presentations and product pitches to creating sophisticated logo designs.

The versatility of AI was on full display as we explored its use in content creation, packaging, and even mockup imagery. Our imaginations ran wild as we witnessed product designs coming to life before our eyes.

For the cosmetic chemist it extends to the very heart of product creation – the formulations.

By inputting a list of ingredients from a favourite product, AI can suggest alternative ingredients, formulations, and manufacturing methods. It’s not just a tool for replication; it’s a starting point for innovation, a springboard for creativity that propels us to invent and explore.

As a product designer, AI opens a new frontier for market research. It enables us to craft accurate product briefs and identify target markets with a precision that was once out of reach.

The potential for personalization is vast, with AI’s advanced analytics paving the way for products that truly reflect individual consumer needs and desires.

If you’re a chemist, you can leverage the synergy between science and sales more effectively.

By entering the ingredient details into an AI system, you can request a consumer-friendly narrative of your product. This will provide the marketing team with a clear and precise understanding of what they are advertising.

For research and development, using AI provides a platform for precise and targeted information, looking for ways to formulate something innovative with only a few known ingredients, or asking AI to suggest ingredients or a formulation that can do x, y, z for x amount of time in x environment or x target market. Again, providing a starting point.

There is also an AI for packaging and brand creation, bringing a visual opportunity to your client when you are presenting new product development or Brand creation.

Manufacturing and supply chain management is where AI stands as a pillar of transformation, bringing about optimized production planning, inventory control, and even predictive maintenance.

This technological leap doesn’t signal a reduction in human roles; rather, it reallocates our efforts towards more strategic, impactful work, elevating the quality of jobs and encouraging the development of new skills.

AI in the personal care and beauty industry isn’t about replacing humans; it’s about enriching our capabilities.

It’s a collaborative effort that promises to lead us toward unmatched innovation, efficiency, and personalization.

As we step forward, we’re not just adopting new technology; we’re embracing a future where AI and human creativity merge to redefine beauty and personal care.


In this image, the focus is on the consumer experience in a modern retail setting, where a customer is selecting & purchasing a skincare product. The innovative development process involving AI is subtly referenced through digital displays or interactive kiosks in the store, providing a backdrop that hints at the technology’s role in product creation. The scene emphasizes the consumer’s interaction with the product and the technology-enhanced experience.

If you don’t know where to start, start here:

Chat GPT.4 – paid version allows access to much more data

Public GPTS – Canva, Research Assistant, Logo creator, image creator, diagrams: show me, Cartoonize yourself, Dall-e, data analyst, creative writing coach, video, slide maker, scholar AI, Finance wizard, Grimoire, packsmart designer, night café, pictory (paid),, Veeda, HeyGen, Gamma ai , academyEX

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In my role as a Design Practice Teaching Fellow at the University of Canterbury's School of Product Design, I leverage my extensive background in entrepreneurial ventures and industry experience spanning cosmetic chemistry, marketing, design, and brand management. My mission is to empower and guide the upcoming generation of product designers. With over three years in this position, I have supported numerous students in honing their abilities, fostering their creativity, and building their confidence to craft innovative and impactful personal care products and brands. My dedication lies in bridging innovation, curiosity, and creative expression to produce formulations, products, and brands that truly differentiate themselves. Holding a Diploma of Personal Care Formulation from the Institute of Personal Care Science, my involvement has stretched across various initiatives and bodies within the cosmetic sector, including Cosmetics New Zealand and NZSCC New Zealand. I am perpetually in pursuit of fresh challenges and avenues for personal and professional development, finding my deepest fulfillment in witnessing the achievements of others.

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