Preservation challenges & skin sensitivities workshop

Preservation challenges & skin sensitivities workshop

Due to regulatory changes and negative press, the preservation of cosmetic products has changed dramatically in recent years. Our in-cosmetic Global workshop is here to help you navigate the challenges with expert insight and Q&A.

Get the solutions you need at our Preservation challenges and skin sensitivities workshop, co-organised with Household and Personal Care Today and Sponsored by CLARIANT.  Covering different technical takes in terms of formulation, dermatology and toxicology, the workshop offers a comprehensive overview of a challenging industry subject.

Come along for an introduction with Dr. Andrea Mitarotonda PhD FRSC, before we deep dive into the new approaches and regulations, a look at how to avoid skin sensitisation, and more.  

Don’t cut any ingredients out without attending this vital Preservatives session. Learn more by booking your place on the Preservation challenges & Skin sensitivities workshop on 05 October 2020, 14:30 – 19:00 in Workshop Room 2.

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