Pesticide products within the personal care industry: regulatory requirements

Pesticide products within the personal care industry: regulatory requirements

There’s been a surge in demand for personal insect repellents, says data from September 2018. From aerosols and wipes to sunscreens containing repellents, consumers have access to a wide range of effective protection methods.  The marketplace is there, so we’ve compiled the regulatory requirements you need to remain compliant.

Firstly, manufacturers should always refer to Federal Insecticide and Fungicide Act (FIFRA) as governed under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The FIFRA act gives the EPA authority to regulate the registration, production, distribution, sale and use of pesticides.

It is important to note that insect repellents are regulated as pesticides in the United States because their active ingredients are pesticides. This means that any product being sold or distributed that makes claims for pesticide purposes, implies a pesticide use or contains one or more pesticide ingredients must comply with the FIFRA guidelines.

Personal care companies can enter the pesticide space by getting a federal registration for their own product. Companies can also become what’s known as a Sub-Registrant for a product that is already federally registered by another company.

Pesticide product manufacturers must register their facility with the EPA ahead of starting insect repellent production.

Additionally, manufacturers should refer to state laws and regulations, as pesticides must also be registered in every state the product is due to be sold in.

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