Explore skin microbiome regulations

Explore skin microbiome regulations

We all know that the skin microbiome plays a key role in healthy skin. That’s why we’re running a workshop at in-cosmetics Global in October 2020 dedicated to skin microbiome in relation to regulations.

Spend an afternoon with our knowledgeable speakers and discover why claims and interest in skin microbiome development are growing.

Beginning with a talk from Dr Nava about the market, she will go into how the regulatory landscape on this subject is changing. Moving on to cover how the microbiome can be used for personal care as well as the medical implications of doing so, the talks will turn back towards regulatory considerations, including EU microorganism regulatory standards and more.

Don’t miss this vital session on the microbiome and its regulations. Learn more at Skin microbiome: novel discoveries on healthy skin, testing methods and regulations aspects at 06 October 2020, 14:30 – 19:00 in Workshop Room 1.

Want to look around? Enhance your knowledge by our full conference programme.

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