Entering the era of vibrational cosmetics: the next generation approach to mind-body & skin regeneration

Entering the era of vibrational cosmetics: the next generation approach to mind-body & skin regeneration

AUTHOR: Meyer R. Rosen, Editor-In-Chief, EURO COSMETICS Magazine

During meditation wrinkles in the skin relax and disappear or are minimized temporarily.

It is said that permanent forehead wrinkles come from muscle contraction during stress. Laugh wrinkles become permanent etc. If this is so, then it can also be said that the meditation process will, in the long run, act as an age defying- appearance enhancing method.

Since each individual has an optimal gut microbiome balance of microbe types and concentration, then a disruption of the optimal balance would disturb the optimal function.

Once homeostasis is disrupted, either temporarily or permanently, from factors like stress or undesirable food digestion etc. there will be a two- directional disruption of the function of the skin- gut- brain axis.

On this foundation, our team, led by moderator Meyer R. Rosen, President of Interactive Consulting, Inc. we proudly present an introduction to the next generation of Cosmetic Science Technology in the continuing search for Wellness and Beauty.

As explained by Dr. Kavita Beri

Vibrational Cosmetics is the integrated approach of combining eastern holistic science with western aesthetics to achieve a complete regeneration and rejuvenation of the mind, body and the skin. It incorporates the understanding of the energetic body and how it can influence and help in the rejuvenation process.

Various eastern holistic approaches can be used in a modern light to individualize and customize treatments so they can be specific to create harmony and symbiosis in the body. There is scientific evidence for this integration to be effective, and that is through the understanding of the human microbiome and its skin-gut-brain axis that is played out in the immune system. A strong correlation between a healthy state is the symbiosis of the microbiome with host and its surrounding environment which in turn creates a balance in the skin-gut-brain axis influencing the regenerative immune pathways.

As explained by Dr. Moiz Kasubhai

A beautiful glowing skin is a reflection of our mind and body and it improves self-confidence and attractiveness. As is well known, the skin is the largest organ in our body and it is affected by what we eat, our feelings and our thoughts.

Mindfulness and Meditation have a major impact on how we combat stress and our hormonal response to it. An inappropriate response stimulates sebaceous oil glands and causes inflammation and acne flare ups. I will be discussing the various easy and interesting ways to practice mindfulness that can be applied in our daily lives and enhance positive vibrations to the body’s bioelectric field.

Plant Based Nutrition is an excellent and easy strategy to delay skin aging and reduce oxidative stress. We all love food but does the food that we eat love us? Dairy products have a lot of hormones which cause inflammation of the skin. Also the high fiber intake associated with plants decreases the toxin intake with processed food. I will be discussing the ways to increase intake of plant based food while enjoying all the pleasures of eating.

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