A foretaste of Peclers Paris beauty macro trends for spring summer 2019

A foretaste of Peclers Paris beauty macro trends for spring summer 2019

Body Reconnection

In an evermore digital and dematerialized world, physical materiality is paradoxically returning to prominence. With this emerging trend, our Body stands as the major reference of identity. It reconnects us to Reality through our sensations and perceptions, as shown in the recent exhibition Disobedient Bodies (curated by JW Anderson at the Heptworth Wakefield Gallery, 2017, UK) which explores our relationship with our bodies through fashion, art, photography, and design.

This body consciousness goes along with more holistic rituals of beauty designed for both the inside and outside. Skin will be the next focus of all attention and the ultimate objective for new stimulating care (inspired by mecano-biology) and new protective shields (against aggressions due to excessive hygienist or layering rituals, pollution, light and stress). For that reason, dermo-cosmetic and mechanical skincare will be very promising fields in the near future.

Consumers also aspire for products and rituals that respond to natural body cycles and rhythms, in a very sensual and instinctive way. Exploring chronobiology will bring unseen innovation opportunities based on the natural and unconscious needs of both men and women.

Soft Immersion in Nature

After a strong fascination for wilderness based on confrontation and extreme interactions with Nature, arises a need for more comforting and protective immersion. This desire for a smoother fusion with the natural environment induces new sensations of fullness and appeasement, and enhances our self-awareness of a living and extrasensory body.

As urban global consumers are more receptive to “pure” elements (light, water, air and vegetal), brands must imagine new natural, immersive wellbeing rituals and sensorial stimulations. An emerging concern that Biofit’s pop-up studio, the first biophilic gym created in London, has understood. Entirely green and bathed in natural light, the workout space has been designed to respond to man’s biological need to immerse himself in the living, which deeply regenerates the body and the spirit.

This desire for symbiotic fusion with Nature that can also be embodied in virtual worlds, bringing new brand experiences and storytelling opportunities: magical interactions, gentle and fluid immersive experiences…


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