Raw materials for hair care products are one of the highlights of in-cosmetics Latin America 2016

Raw materials for hair care products are one of the highlights of in-cosmetics Latin America 2016

Sensient, Chemyunion, Cosmotec and Química Anastácio introduce products as substitutes for volatile silicones, silk protein-based whitener and additive for transparency in toiletries.

in-cosmetics Latin America exhibitors are already ahead with some of the launches and attractions they will be showing at São Paulo’s Expo Center Norte 5-6 October. The only industry event focused solely on raw materials and educational content for the C T & F segment throughout Latin America brings together leading brands with what’s new in hair care.

Sensient, for example, is launching a new ingredient for intensive hair repair, Sensibiopro R, as well as introducing innovations in the hair bleaching line, a category in which the company has a high level of expertise

NatpureFeel M Eco is a mixture of natural origin ingredients, multipurpose and with cosmetic benefits in conditioning, moisturizing and coat-forming, which can replace volatile silicones.

Co-polymers, as thickeners or suspending agents, are one of the highlights of Química Anastácio, ensuring that a leading advantage of the product is the possibility of transparency that provides end products in different pH ranges.

They can be used in shampoos and liquid soaps, with interesting visual effects combined with elements such as glitter or mica. The company will also show DEET, active insect repellent, always catering to the growing demand for this type of product.

Chemyunion is launching two new products at in-cosmetics Latin America. One is Biolumitá, a skin lightening agent that can also be used to balance uneven skin tone. Extracted from the rhizome of the Chinese ginger plant (Alpinia officinarium), it is standardized and rich in galangin, a compound of the flavonoid group. The product acts in the three main stages of the pigmentation process, resulting in skin whitening. GoBlond is composed of silk proteins and is aimed at hair, allowing the bleaching process to occur without compromising the integrity of the hair fiber.

Cosmotec will bring gel-texture and easy-application hair toners that don’t run when being applied. They allow you to customize the color of your hair according to current trends, with soft pink (FC3016 Quick Soft Pink), purple (FC3116 Quick Soft Purple) and blue (FC3516 Quick Soft Indigo) shades. Female customers can also see Cosmotec’s makeup and skin care products.

In 2015, in-cosmetics brought together 184 exhibitors from over 40 countries and 2,760 unique visitors. Now, with the repositioning of the brand and a wider range of exhibitors and visitors from all over Latin America, the organizers’ expectations are even higher. “We should be playing host to over 3000 professionals who will come into contact with about a thousand products from 200 exhibiting brands,” said Daniel Zanetti, event director.

in-cosmetics Latin America brings together manufacturers and distributors of raw materials and ingredients; system suppliers and software, as well as researchers and test developers for this sector on a global scale. According to a sample of the latest edition, 47% of exhibiting companies are from North and South America; 32% are from Europe and 20% from Asia.





in-cosmetics Latin America 2016

Date: 5-6 October

Venue: Expo Center Norte – Pavilhão Azul

Address: Rua José Bernardo Pinto, 333 – Vila Guilherme

Timetable: 10h-19h


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