Formulating to prevent dry skin | Ep. 2

Formulating to prevent dry skin | Ep. 2

Welcome to Episode 2 of Formulation Fridays, your new source of personal care ingredients inspiration brought to you by in-cosmetics Asia. Discover hot industry insights, the latest ingredients and how you can use them to power your formulations in this brand new video series.

Join Lorna Radford, Managing Director of Enkos Developments and Technical Advisor for in-cosmetics and Rouah Al-Wakeel , Director of RAW Cosmetics and R&D Tour Leader for in-cosmetics as they showcase the ingredients you should incorporate in your formulations to prevent dry skin and tell you why they are effective choices.

Here’s a rundown of the ingredients featured in our first video, each engineered to prevent dry skin:

  2. MARSturizer™ from LipoTrue S.L.
  3. Hydro-Gain™ from Lipoid Kosmetik AG

Visit the in-cosmetics Asia website to find out more.

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