Formulating for balanced skin pigmentation | Ep. 6

Formulating for balanced skin pigmentation | Ep. 6

Welcome to Formulation Fridays, the video series that brings you industry insights, the latest ingredients and how you can use them to power your cosmetics formulations.

This week’s episode explores melanin functions and skin pigmentation. Age spots and uneven skin complexion could be caused by a variety of factors that affect the skin pigmentation process. Join our specialists Lorna Radford and Rouah Al-Wakeel to discover cosmetic ingredients solutions for the problems. Watch it now:

Learn more about the ingredients and suppliers featured on this video:

  1. NanoWhite from Mibelle AG Biochemistry
  2. CODIF Technologie Naturelle
  3. Lubrizol Life Science

Visit the in-cosmetics Asia website to find out more about a variety of solutions.

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