Q&A with LipoTrue on Munapsys #chooseyourexpression

Q&A with LipoTrue on Munapsys #chooseyourexpression

What will LipoTrue will be showcasing at in-cosmetics Global this year?

This year we will present four new active ingredients that totally match the beauty uniqueness trend and disruption. We are very proud of presenting Munapsys™ peptide which was awarded with the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Bronze Award 2018 at in- cosmetics North America. It presents a real upgrade in the botulinum-like ingredients field because it works in a new protein in Cosmetics and in both the pre- and post-synaptic pathways.

We will also be presenting Stellight™ which was launched in the last In Cosmetics Asia 2018. This peptide acts on melanocytes, keratinocytes and fibroblast, regulating the three-way modulating melanin, the numbers of dendrites and melanocytes, while providing an antioxidant effect. The in vivo test showed that Stellight™ lightened and illuminated six points in the face just like drawing a brightening constellation. In fact, these points also fit with the ones that the strobing make-up tries to highlight.

Specially for this new In Cosmetics edition we will launch Skinarch™ and Meiview™. Skinarch™ is a peptide that works in the skin architecture by increasing collagens of the four families and what we call the collagen architecture protein, which is involved in the formation of well-organized collagen fibrils for a proper collagen biotensegrity. The in vivo test was performed in a mixed panel of volunteers with fair and dark skin, showing to be effective in both skin types.

Last but not least, Meiview™ is a marine extract form a microorganism living in high salted conditions. It reinforces epidermal integrity and firmness and improves the microcirculation fragility and it proved its efficacy both in men and women against eyebags, dark circles, wrinkles and saggy eyelids.

Tell me more about Munapsys™. What is so revolutionary about it?

For the first time in years, we can say that it has been areal innovation in the botulinum-like ingredients field. In the market there are ingredients acting in the pre-synaptic pathway or in the post-synaptic one. In fact, when customers want to cover both pathways, they have to use combinations of ingredients. We thought that if we were able to have an ingredient able to cover both, it would be a real upgrade. Thus, in collaboration with experts in neuroscience we developed Munapsys which also tackles a new protein key in the SNARE complex assembly. We wanted to prove in vivo if our theory was correct, so we tested a cream with 3% Munapsys™ against a cream with 5% of a combination of two benchmarks, covering both pathways. The results fulfilled all our expectations. In fact, even used at a lower concentration it showed similar or even better results in some parameters.

Moreover, we also wanted to introduce a new concept in Cosmetics. Since, the botulinum toxin is used to improve and lift the commissures of what we can call sad lips, we decided to see if Munapsys™ could be able to do as a proof of concept. We invite you to discover more in the Technical seminar that will take place on 2nd April at 12:10h, Theatre 2.

What trends can these products be used in?

Beauty is unique and we should be allowed to live our own beauty as we want. This has been Lipotrue’s motto this year: ‘my beauty, my rules’.

Stellight™ is bringing the freedom to enjoy the strobing makeup, quite popular these days, in a more permanent way that not only the ephemeral touch of makeup. This technique is time consuming so that why not help the skin to glow naturally.

Munapsys™ is tackling the choose your expression trend of not worrying about aging and also the wellness trend thanks to the happy smile concept. Because beauty is unique and should be free of worries.

Skinarch™ enters fully in the inclusive trend thanks to its in vivo test in fair and dark skin volunteers. We could say that it was designed for a full spectrum beauty.

Finally, Meiview™, would fall into the non-gender category. It can be used in both products aimed at women or men but also to non-gender products following this increasing trend.

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