Q&A with Codif’s P.Y Morvan – Workshops at in-cosmetics Global

Q&A with Codif’s P.Y Morvan – Workshops at in-cosmetics Global

Pierre-Yves Morvan, R&D Director within CODIF Technologie Naturelle

Why does CODIF support the organization of this workshop?

CODIF TN is a leader in skin biology, and especially in skin microbiota, and we recently contributed to a better knowledge about our skin microbiota and its misbalance in front of the stressful life. We would like to continue to manage the research in cutaneous microbiota for cosmetics and also dermatological applications.

CODIF is considered as a precursor for its research on cosmetic active ingredients working for and with the cutaneous microbiota. But you started working very early on the algae skin microbiota. Can you tell us more about this?

Like humans, algae developed their own microbiota, with some specific bacteria at their surface. 10 years ago we discovered a bacterial ecosystem on the surface of skin alga that contributes to the activation of alga defense system. At this time nobody talked about microbiota but this is what it is. From this first observation we developed a range of protecting and repairing active ingredients. Now we know that the percentage of similarity between oceanic bacterioplankton and human microbiota is precisely 73%. This is the reason why today we study how marine ingredient can support human skin microbiota.

What are you currently working on?

CODIF TN has numerous ongoing works about microbiota, such as the use of a marine bacterial polysaccharide for regulating human cutaneous microbiome, and the study of the human scalp microbiota. These products would be available before the end of the year.

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