in-cosmetics Global Marketing Trends preview 2020

in-cosmetics Global Marketing Trends preview 2020

in-cosmetics: Marketing Trends presentations preview: 30th June-2nd July 2020 By Imogen Matthews

Global beauty trends, key emerging categories and industry hot topics will shape the agenda for this year’s Marketing Trends programme. Speakers from leading research companies and consultancies will present their latest data and insights, as well as challenge current thinking for attendees to take forward and apply to their own businesses.

Day 1 Tuesday 30th June

10.00-10.45 From K-beauty to A-Beauty: a tour of the world’s beauty hotspots

Speaker: Gabriella Beckwith, senior analyst, Beauty & Fashion, Euromonitor International

Euromonitor’s opening presentation takes a tour of the world’s beauty hotspots to discover the country-branded beauty movement. Gabriella Beckwith will look at consumer interest in foreign travel and culture which is driving the globalisation of beauty brands with a “made in” stamp.

11.00-11.45 2021 and beyond: Lifestyle shifts impacting product development and storytelling

Speaker: Michael Nolte, creative director, Beautystreams

Beautystream’s presentation will reveal upcoming trends in claims, textures and effects across colour cosmetics, skincare, haircare and fragrance. Michael Nolte will explore new concepts around the idea of “selfdom” and society’s view on relationships which are helping consumers create the emotional links and reassurance they require.

12.00-12.45 The art of African beauty

Speaker: Zezi Oriaikhi-Sao, founding director, Malée Natural Science

Africa is a fast-emerging region and beauty brands are gearing up for growth. Oriaikhi-Sao will bring first-hand experience to her presentation in which she will look at how conglomerates, African beauty brands and diaspora African brands are using research, technology, heritage and natural resources to grow their business with a local conscience.

13.00-13.45 Beauty Tech Focus

A new feature at in-cosmetics Barcelona will be the Beauty Tech Zone showcasing new developments in digital and technology for cosmetic manufacturers. Lucie Green, founder, Light Years, will give an overview of global beauty tech trends and introduce selected suppliers who will compete for the in-cosmetics Beauty Technology award.

14.00-14.45 The panorama of humanity: what does it mean for the beauty industry?

Speaker: Andrew McDougall, associate director, beauty & personal care, Mintel

Mintel’s view of the next 10 years in beauty will focus on shifts in consumer behaviour and how this will impact on brand and retail direction. Andrew McDougall will examine trends around self-actualisation, self-care and self-improvement, likely to drive consumers to embrace more holistic approaches to beauty and wellbeing.

15.00-15.45 What’s next in haircare around the world?

Speaker: Pretti Chotai, director of hair & innovation, In Trend Ltd

In Trend’s director of hair innovation, Pretti Chotai, will present haircare trends from around the world, providing insights to inspire formulating and marketing teams to develop the next shampoos, conditioners and treatments, while exploring “skinification” of the hair market.

16.00-16.45 Developing an effective omnichannel distribution strategy as a new beauty brand

Speakers: Ellie Rutterford and Dominika Minarovic, co-founders BYBI Beauty

The founders of indie brand, BYBI Beauty, will discuss the importance of having a diverse distribution and developing an omnichannel strategy that includes a strong direct-to-consumer offer that complements the offer in mainstream retailers. They will chart BYBI’s journey into Boots and Sephora globally and give tips on achieving multichannel strategies.

17.00-17.45 Bacteria is not a dirty word – focus on the skin microbiome

Speaker: Marie Drago, founder, Gallinée

Marie Drago’s work as doctor of pharmacy, member of the Societé Francaise de Cosmétologie and a career in beauty served her well when developing the Gallinée microbiome beauty brand. She will share learnings about the microbiome trend which she believes will change how we perceive and use beauty products.

Day 2 Wednesday 1st July

10.00-10.45 Halal beauty trends

Speaker: Heloise Lefebvre du Prey, SEA project manager, Asia Cosme Lab

The emergence of a wealthier middle class in Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world, has changed the dynamic for halal and Muslim beauty. Lefebvre du Prey will present data from Asia, including Indonesia and Malaysia, along with factors for growth, including the increasing visibility of a new kind of Muslim consumer and the rise of halal as a new clean beauty standard.

11.00-11.45 C-Beauty: a market to watch and get inspiration from

Speaker: Alice Li, senior research analyst, beauty and personal care, Mintel

Mintel’s innovation journey of China will identify product highlights from core categories with key consumer findings to help explain how China is influencing the world of beauty and how others can make their mark.

12.00-12.45 Ocean safe beauty: Australia and New Zealand focus

Speaker: Dr Laura Busata, cosmetics R&D senior specialist, Unifarco, S.p.A

Climate change is the defining global challenge of our time and awareness about the environmental impact of cosmetics is driving new trends globally. Dr Busata will discuss ocean safe beauty, a recent beauty trend, and how a sustainable and eco-friendly approach can respect the marine eco-system. She will identify the threat to marine life and coral reefs from wasteful packaging, microplastics, sun filters and other substances that wash off when people swim in the sea.

13.00-13.45 Indie brands roundtable

Moderator: Angelika Meiss

Participants: Kate Porter, The Harborist; Laura Rudoe, Good Ventures, Quentin Higham, Byre Bodycare andLorraine Dallmeier, Formula Botanica

This year’s panel of beauty brand speakers will discuss their route to success including the challenges and pitfalls facing new brands in today’s competitive beauty environment.

14.00-14.45 Beauty and personal care retailing: surviving and thriving in a rapidly changing market

Speaker: Povilas Sungintas, beauty and fashion consultant, Euromonitor International

Euromonitor’s global beauty and personal care market overview will highlight major trends in the world’s most dynamic regions, including a look at private label, retailing and new concepts.

15.00-15.45 Five new beauty tribes

Speaker: Lisa Payne, senior beauty editor, Stylus

From cross-demographics and gender-specific solutions, to raw cosmetic formulas and sustainable approaches, Lisa Payne will discuss five game-changing beauty consumer tribes for brands in order to maintain relevance and drive their business.

16.00-16.45 Trending and emerging ingredients in skincare innovation

Speaker: Yamina Tsalamlal, associate analyst, GlobalData

GlobalData’s presentation will focus on how consumer identity is shaping trends and ingredients in skincare innovations and how brands can learn which ingredients tell the stories consumers want to hear.

17.00-17.45 Marketing trends with NPD

Speaker: Ana Gonzalez, senior account manager, The NPD Group

Ana Gonzalez will focus on the prestige beauty industry and explain the context behind why skincare is a top growth category across Europe. She will look at emerging trends, dynamic segments, distribution channels and the ultra-premium segment.

Day 3 Thursday 2nd July

10.00-10.45 Branding beyond green: a how-to guide for designing responsible beauty brands

Speaker: Nick Vaus, partner & creative director, Free the Birds

Nick Vaus will analyse what responsibility can mean in beauty by tackling some of the common myths around sustainable ingredients and packaging. He will show how brands can articulate a compelling, distinctive brand idea to elevate design and communications.

11.00-11.45 The role of technology in personalised beauty

Speaker: George Henry, associate analyst, GlobalData

The growing importance of technology and its role in personalised solutions is the theme of GlobalData’s presentation. George Henry will discuss how consumers respond to smart beauty concepts and their changing relationships with brands.

12.00-12.45 Where is the global natural personal care market heading?

Speaker: Marcela Chifu, marketing manager, Kline & Co

Marcela Chifu will provide a rundown of trends in the natural cosmetics sector, highlighting how brands, marketers and ingredient manufacturers are innovating to make cleaner, greener formulations and how retailers are supporting this trend.

13.00-13.45 CBD roundtable

Moderated by Imogen Matthews, IM Associates

Panel members: Alexandra Curley, Prohibition Partners, Rosie Joly, OTO and Anna Falk, head of product, Harmony

The panel will discuss beauty’s hottest topic, CBD, its perceived skincare and wellness benefits and its association with cannabis. The Q&A session will tackle whether CBD is a genuine trend or a novelty that will blow over.

14.00-14.45 Never miss a trend again by adopting an AI-led approach

Speakers: Maeva Lhopez, senior insights consultant and Camilla Carson, executive director of partnerships (EMEA), Black Swan Data

The speakers will share their methodology providing accurate trend prediction and evidence to act on the most important beauty trends over the coming year. They will reveal how major brands are using this to transform their insights capability and get to market first.

15.00-15.45 Could your greatest competitor become your greatest collaborator?

Speaker: Jo Chidley, founder, Beauty Kitchen

Jo Chidley will show how Beauty Kitchen has made small changes for big impact through changing consumer perceptions. Her presentation will describe how the mood of global consumers has changed, how this might impact on consumer attitudes and what can the beauty industry do about it.


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