in-cosmetics Global 2017 Highlights

in-cosmetics Global 2017 Highlights

With 109 entries in the Innovation Zone, their first ever Make-Up Bar, the J&J Flash Cosmetics Pitch and exciting formulation lab sessions, it’s hard to pick just a few highlights from the in-cosmetics Global 2017 show, but here are our favourites for you to look for at other shows or next year in Amsterdam!

Make-Up Bar: This exciting new area showcased finished colour cosmetics from various suppliers – and it wasn’t just about pigments! It also showcased interesting materials to enable film forming (for durability) and pigment wetting/spreading to reduce pigment input without impacting colour. The Make-Up Bar also displayed colour trends and some amazing pigments to provide colour predictions for the coming season – definitely a zone to visit at the next in-cosmetics show!

Flash Cosmetics Pitch: A new initiative by Johnson & Johnson, this session gave 11 International Start-Up companies the opportunity to ‘pitch’ their products for 3 minutes to R&D and marketing experts. The winner, a Digital Biotech company from Ireland called Nuritas, received the €5,000 prize and access to J&J’s R&D team!

Formulation Lab: It was great to see some of the innovative materials being launched in the Innovation zone be used in the Formulation lab – nothing like getting ‘hands on’ with the innovations on display!

Our favourite sessions included:

• SinoLion, showcasing a ‘sulfate-free’ cleansing product with great foaming AND thickening ability! Yes, a green surfactant material that is not only mild but thickens readily!
• Symrise AG, showcasing their easy formulation stabilising material, by showing how it could turn an unstable sunscreen formula into a stable version using 1 material – FAST!
• Lucas Meyer with Siligel – a natural gelling agent with exceptional sensory aesthetics, skin hydration benefits AND extreme resistance to electrolytes – yes, it’s a green chemical with silicone-like skin feel!
• Nikkol Group with their Iro-Odori Jelly Eye Shadow – a favourite in the Make-Up Bar, attendees could get ‘hands on’ with the formulation and method in the lab too!

Innovation Zone: With such a high calibre of entries, the judges had a hard time with decisions this year! Highlights, and winners, included:

• Active Ingredients:

o Gold: Passioline (Laboratoires Expanscience) – concentrated unsaponifiables from Maracuja seed oil with remarkable efficacy in tissue repair, cell regeneration and anti-inflammatory properties.
o Silver: Gatuline Link N Lift (Gattefosse) – obtained from organic horse chestnut flowers using specialised technology, it acts on the DEJ to firmly reconnect the epidermis to lift the eye contour area to erase wrinkles.
o Bronze: Reproage Peptide (Lipotec) – with specific action on microRNA-145, it enhances cell turnover in the epidermis for a smoother, rejuvenated complexion and dramatic reduction in perceived age of volunteers during trials.

• Functional Ingredients:

o Gold: FiberHance BM Solution (Ashland) – uses hydrogen and ionic bonding of the keratin structure to strengthen and repair hair internally; ideal for chemically-damaged hair.
o Silver: Micah (Hallstar) – actively prevents photo-aging from happening, unlike UV filters and antioxidants which can only work on blocking and repair. With Micah, you can prevent the damage in the first place!
o Bronze: Siligel (Lucas Meyer) – a combination of phospholipids and polysaccharides to provide a natural gelling agent with amazing silicone like skin feel and high resistance to electrolytes and hydrating properties – a perfect green gelling and stabilising solution!

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